Jetstar – Still Not Mates

As regular readers will know Jetstar are NOT Mates. Jetstar are the worst company in new Zealand for customer service. Last night on Close Up, apart from Mark Sainsbury being one of the world’s worst interviewers and almost letting the CEO get away with it, he finally got the CEO of Jetstar to admit that his apology to two disabled people was not because Jetstar treated them like outcasts, but because they weren’t aware that Jetstar’s policy is to treat them like outcasts.

Where Jetstar failed he said, was that they weren’t told that they would be treated like shit.

The story also plays out in the Dompost this morning.

Jetstar’s treatment of two high-profile disabled campaigners has been condemned as unacceptable by Disability Issues Minister Tariana Turia.

Tanya Black and Dan Buckingham – presenters of TVNZ disability show Attitude – had been due to fly from Auckland to Wellington yesterday morning but were not allowed on to their aircraft after they were told they each needed to fly with their own caregiver.

After an embarrassing standoff of 20 minutes or more, they ditched Jetstar and bought new tickets to Wellington on Air New Zealand.

Jetstar told The Dominion Post it would be apologising, and refunding their fares. It confirmed part of the airline’s concern was about how they might get to the toilet on the hour-long flight.

If their apology is anything like the one given on Close Up last night they should be told to stick it.

So does Trevor Mallard have a “carer” when he flies Air NZ? If so is the taxpayer picking up the tab?



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  • whafe

    Firstly – How does an idiot like Mark Sains­bury keep a job with Close-Up? (is a clown)

    JetStar area fucken joke, this type of behaviour will carry on now and into the future….

    I have to fly them begrudgingly for work every so often, only will if it is the first flight out of an airport for the day, otherwise your day will be late and fucked up…

  • gazzaw

    “Passionate about ensuring our customers are delighted”

    “Jetstar people are recruited with an attitude and an ability to deliver excellent customer service”.

    The above statements are from their recruitment blurb. Do they really believe that bullshit?

  • Trevor Mallard

    No Whale other than the very caring Air NZ cabin staff. Air NZ have also been kind enough to ask their staff to push me in a wheelchair to and from the planes. I’m told it is the same treatment they give to all their passengers who are in wheelchairs.

    Thank you for your concern.

    • reid

      Trevor you’re one of the few Labour MP’s I don’t mind paying for, for the rest of your life. As I will, whether I minded or not. But I don’t mind about that, for you.

      There are very few, on both sides actually, but you are one.

      Helen’s not in your league, in case you were wondering.

      You would have been perfect Trev, you would have been perfect.

  • gaskranken

    What struck me about this story is that 2 tvnz presenters are flying Jetscum. Don’t they all fly business class Air NZ?

    Obviously Mallard chooses to fly the more expensive option, now there’s a surprise.

    • Trevor Mallard

      Air NZ doesn’t do domestic business class. And I work the fare schedules pretty carefully. Do cheap fares by early booking and one bag option rather than full fare as often as I can. Prefer Air NZ because they tend to fly when scheduled much more often than competition and I am generally loaded up with appointments when out of town so that is important.

  • reid

    I wonder how well the NZ division of Jetstar is going to be regarded by its “Australia-nz Regional CEO” when he lands back at HQ after a somewhat disappointing underwhelming product launch?

    Oh dear.

    It is pretty clear he’d been poorly briefed although he did show a peculiar obstinacy re: sticking to his marketing meme but frankly then wasn’t the time to do that and he needed to respond differently and he didn’t. It was his failure. Poor leadership. He needs replacing.