John Armstrong speaks the truth

John Armstrong points out what a large number of National Party members have been saying, and why many National Party donors are not willing to support the party this year.

So much for Bill English’s much-heralded Age of Austerity. The close to $2 million in taxpayers’ money for Auckland’s “plastic waka” suggests the Old Age of Waste is still with us.

National is certainly consistent when it comes to cutting spending. It consistently fails to practise what it preaches – be it the purchase of replacement chauffeur-driven BMWs for Cabinet ministers or this latest exercise in excess.

Can we get John a media award for telling the truth? He keeps on telling the truth and pointing out the obvious. He then makes a sound economic argument that would take about eight Treasury or MED employees three weeks to work out.

The waka, we are assured, will be “world class” and “showcase New Zealand“. We are only fooling ourselves if we believe that claptrap. Its economic value is zilch. It will not draw one extra rugby fan from overseas simply because it will not be finished within sufficient time to do so.


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  • kevin

    But… it will ‘feed’ = money, to a lot of people. I can see a forest of hands up right now, “pick me” they all say.

  • devlsadvocate

    The timing pisses me off as much as the money. How long have we known RWC2011 was going to be held here? That would be precisely as much time as Brand Maori had to showcase this large part of NZ culture for an international audience.

    Now, less than 6 months before we’re on the world stage, they come up with a fucking rubber duck with an obscene $2m price tag paid directly to a few good ol’ mates in exchange for their ongoing storage and maintenance of this critical bit of infrastructure (a favour that will break the fucking bank, we’re assured – what champions).

    Masterpiece of Management. If the rest of us are pissed off the bulk of Maori must be positively spewing. Just imagine you, your people and your culture being represented by the Tupperwaka…fuck.

  • chiefsfan73

    Absosmurfly. What a venal waste of taxpayer coin. Did the Nats not campaign on ending the waste? Did they not have a website parodying the wasteful Labour govt? How is a useless plastic boat any less waste than hip hop tours?
    Man the [email protected]#k up Nats. You promised to end, not EXTend the waste.

    Bring back the McGillicuddy Serious Party.

  • chiefsfan73

    btw, the site was However it has shut up shop and only has link to JK and the Nats. I cannot find the video where they did a telethon parody, it was clever, maybe they need to have a look at this and remember what they once stood for.

  • abjv

    Tui billboard. “I’m off to NZ to see the Tupperwaka. Yeah. right.”

  • gazzaw

    Two million bucks! Fucking hell , it’s not even worth a couple of muskets and forty blankets. Adds a whole new dimension to ‘gravy train’ though.

  • whafe

    Imagine if there was a strong opposition…. National is doing just ok, better than Pinko’s, but it is a smorgasboard of opportunities for a strong opposition to chip away at National…

    Am not talking muck raking, am talking good opposition behavior

    Except for the fact the Pinko Labour idiots could not oragnise a piss up in a brewery…

    • Whafe, it’s one of the great tragedies that now, at this crucial moment in New Zealand’s history, when a strong leader with great vision is called for, we find ourselves with a smiling, waving empty suit. Imagine what Brash would have made of the job had the Klarkenfuhrer and the Dipshit from Dipton not conspired to knife him after the theft of the 2005 election?

      If Labour were a strong, viable alternative government instead of a circus clown-act, it would force National to be better. The would have to stop betraying their core constituency with apartheid policies, because they would need their core constituency to retain power in November.

      Breaks my heart, what John Key and his conga-line of suckholes have done to my beautiful country.

  • paulus12

    Word is in Auckland that Whakaplastic is actually set to be situated in Viaduct Basin, and is intended to “remain” there as Maori Central, paid for by rate/taxpayers. They do not intend to remove it, and it will remaining the symbol of Maori Iwi sovereignity in Auckland. It will be used to house only/anything Maori. Of couse anybody else can hire it – big koha – yea !

    • abjv

      Part of Ngati Whatua’s grand plan to move the place where tourists experience Maori culture (and which iwi they buy their Maori artefacts from), from Rotorua to Auckland. Boosting Sharples’ iwi at the expense of Flavell’s?

      Last time I visited the Viaduct Basin I recall it had two parts – a dry part and a wet part. Wonder how well the tupperwaka will float.

      • gaskranken

        I heard Suzanne Paul is going to run it as a marry cultural experience post cup.

  • mediatart

    Now you lot know why Helen allways said the Maori Party was the ‘last cab off the rank’

    She knew you would pay and pay and pay some more once you hopped in for the ride

    • abjv

      At last, something we agree on.