John Key on Brash

I am heartened that my prediction that National will not rule out a deal with ACT led by Don Brash has been shown to be true.

The Prime Minister, now off a plane and back into circulation, has done what ninth floor sources suggested he would, hosing down the stupid Bill English lines that a vote for Brash was a vote for Goff and other messages that makes this blog question how he managed to even win 21% in 2002.

Mr Key would not say whether he would work with Dr Brash: “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He revealed he was aware of rumours that Dr Brash was planning a comeback when he said last week that National would seek to keep ACT afloat by campaigning only for the party vote in Mr Hide’s Epsom electorate.

I may not agree with John Key’s policy direction, being far to wet for the liking of a fiscally conservative blogger, but like I admired Helen Clark for her determination to win at all costs while fucking up the country and breaking any rule that got in her way, I also admire John Key for being an once in a generation politician.

It is not possible to believe that a man as politically astute as John Key hasn’t worked out what will happen if his poll & focus group driven, fuzzy message National Party comes up against a party that has clear principles and a clear message. Unlike the faceless people in Wellington who do not get out around the country talking to actual people, and especially National Party members, John has had to bear the brunt of criticism over the ETS, being soft on Maoris and massive government spending.

He also knows National donors are refusing to give as freely as they did in the past, and a lot of this money will go direct to Don Brash. A well funded party lead by Don that has clear, simple messages based on good principles will likely take a rump of right wing support from National. This will free up John to move to the centre occupying the ground vacated by Labour, broadening the centre right vote and preserving Johns chances of being a three term Prime Minister.


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  • jimbob

    Good post Whale.
    There must be someone other than Don Brash that can replace invisible Hide. But if he gets the job, so be it. As for Bill, who has the charisma of a washed up fish head on the beach, he should stick to his abacus and leave the talking to John Key.
    It could become apparant that John Key has a two to three term plan for his policies and will gradually impliment the buget trimmings and allocations that need to be done. If he gets a second term he has to show some ticker.

  • mattyman

    I think you got this one right Whale, I have no idea what DPF is on about. Seriously a 7% wastage? This ‘new right wing’ party will not get 3% and Act 4% if Brash (and Banks?) stands. It would be more like 1% and 5%+. That makes a 1% wastage, not 7 like DPF thinks. This new party has no names. No one knows it, hes saying it will reach a similar result to NZF. How so DPF? Its what alliance is now to the left.

    Lets face it, JK and Bill aren’t the greatest leaders National has. I like John but hes too populist, MMP certainly hasn’t helped. Bill for one has the charisma of a damp rag, more so than Don. He also doesn’t seem to stand for anything and just wants a comfortable job with a nice pay packet. Don Brash would own Bill in any debate. Hands down.
    Don will give a mandate for economic reform which Bill is just too lazy and comfort seeking to do.

    • You’ll have to forgive Farrar on this one. He’s so busy spinning National’s lines he doesn’t have time to see how shit-scared the wet panty-waists in National (English, particularly) are of having Brash back in Parliament showing them up for the fuckwitted intellectual midgets they are.

      • Well argued and as rational as ever Gantt, but your conclusion rests upon the belief that it is too late (in practical terms) to start a new party. I don’t know about that. I think if people got their arses into gear, it could be done.

        A new party would give Brash tremendous impetus. He already has name recognition. It would be unwise to tarnish that recognition by attaching it to the ACT brand.

        Incidentally, I’m not against ACT. I know there are many good people there. (unfortunately hampered by more than a few dickheads) I actually have worked for them on a voluntary basis a long time ago. I’m merely trying to be objective about Brash’s best course of action.

        • Well if, as Cam suggests above, ACT’s backers are ready to move with Brash they won’t have a problem raising money. If Brash can get a new party going and pull some money with him, it’s likely a number of ACT and National people will go with him. A ready-made party machine to fight the coming election.

          Honestly, I really don’t know whether it would be best in the long-run for Brash to take over ACT or to start afresh. What I do know is that National needs someone credible on the right to stop the craven pandering to the left that has characterised their first term.

  • reid

    This will free up John to move to the cen­tre occu­py­ing the ground vacated by Labour, broad­en­ing the cen­tre right vote and pre­serv­ing Johns chances of being a three term Prime Minister.

    Cam I’m not sure how much further Key can move to the centre-left without upsetting the majority of the Nats. My impression is he’s already as far left as he can push it.

    The issue is NZ’s centre of political gravity which is way left so the exact middle of the country is in fact quite lefty from a conservative’s perspective.

    I don’t meet too many conservatives for example who support interest-free student loans or WFF in their current config and that’s not tapping round the edges I mean they support radical changes to both of those. One understands the floating middle-ground voters don’t support that, but they’re not the bulk of the Nats and never have been.

    I’m not too sure how conservatives would take a permanent move on our part to set those two things in stone, forever more. That is what Key would need to do to keep those floating voters interested for awhile longer, but to me a more palatable option is to build more and more ties with the MP. They are the other big group and my reading is, the bulk of Nat conservatives would have more time for building long-term ties with them than they would for trying to get a few semi-mad floating lefties on board.

    (They’re only semi cause they float so they’re not mad, all the time.)

  • Brash Has to start a new party. ACT has too much baggage. ACT is too fractured ideologically. Brash will always have to be watching his back if he takes over the leadership of ACT. It is not worth it.

    Don Brash if he steps into the ACT mess will lose the impetus a fresh party will give him. Many people who would never vote for ACT will vote for Brash in a new party.

    If you do start a new party Don, for Gawd’s sake don’t listen to the same gape jawed Progressive morons you allowed to influence you when you led National. Divorce yourself from the weak liberals. Be your own man. Be true to yourself.

    • Red it would be my hope, should The Don start a new party, that it would be his. That he would be able to keep out the gape-jawed progressive morons that infest the National Party (and ACT currently). That people like Key, English, Finlayson, Power, Smith, Roy et. al. would be unwelcome. He would do well to keep Banks out as well, given it was Banks who enabled Brown in Auckland. If it is his goal to strike out anew, he would do well to convince Newman and Mitchell to come on board. And perhaps Boscawen, once ACT takes its final breath.

      If Brash does start a new party, it will be the death-knell for ACT and will also take from National a large portion of those who understand the values on which that party should be operating. It could easily and quickly get to 10%.

      But he’s left his run too late for 2011. And the left’s attack-dogs in the LSM are already proclaiming him ‘too old’. In 3 more years, they will bray all the louder.

      • See response above Gantt- replied to the wrong comment.

        • The biggest impediment to starting a new party is that there is no allocation of broadcast time. Even the Bill and Ben Party would get more airtime that any new party; hey; there’s an idea, with one of the co-leaders of Bill and Ben off the scene; how does the Ben and Don Party sound?

  • mtalbert

    Be great to have John Banks back in parliament. It’s good to see the new council understand about the need for savings. WTF is this?

  • harris

    An interesting late night talkback interview with Brash here:

    Seems that Hide has short term memory loss over the co-leadership offer to Don Brash. Simply astounding too that John Key has consistently refused to meet Brash – his former leader, and who Key himself appointed to chair the 2025 Taskforce – regarding the Government-commissioned report into closing the income & opportunity gap with Australia. No wonder Brash has fired up, he was always a conviction politician. Gross mismanagement (not to mention disrespect) by Key, Steven Joyce (who wants Key’s job) and (predictably) sore loser Bill English whose enduring political career rests not with his intellect but with the spooks who have kept him there for so long.

  • Mr. Infinity

    I think I’m more anti-Labour than I am pro-National.

    Brash was weighed and measured by the electorate and was found wanting. A new party, Reform Party, or whatever, on the right will be as cancerous to the right as a Hone/McCarten/Bradford demon spawn coalition would be to the left.

    Key can destroy virtually every viable candidate that Labour has at the moment, and while that’s in place we won’t have to put up with any more Comrade Helens. I’ll take Key’s glacial pace reforms over an increase in spending from Labour any day.

    But I do agree with everyone else that English is poison.

    • tooright

      Brash almost made it in 2005. Clark and Williams stole that election through the state paid pledge card rort – $900,000 stolen from Ewen Mee.

  • kehua

    Agree with you Mr I, Brash for all his intellect is about as Politically attractive as a prune, meant to be good for you but actually gives you the trots. Given the inherited mess from Clarke, a couple of droughts, a tough winter and a couple of disasters I reckon that apart from the ETS Key has read the Nation pretty well, Hopefully we will see a change of Deputy in National, and right now promoting Judith Collins would be a great strategy in emasculating any party involving Brash and/ or the Idiot Banks.

  • james

    The Ben-don party Inventory ?…..bunch of panty waists.