Judith Tizard on…well…Judith Tizard

There is an article in the Herald on Sunday this morning by Judith Tizard. There are:

Forty uses of the word “I”
Ten uses of the word “I’d”
Fourteen uses of the word “my”

So then, what’s the article really about?


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  • mediatart

    Its the first draft of ” Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”


  • scanner

    When you read the story, and digest the bit about the Hag Brigade she looked up to, it makes you aware of how close we came to another major disaster.
    It also gives you a good insight into how the nice people of Labour have no problem turning on one of their own, if it suits.
    Hopefully this is the end of the Buzzard legacy, perhaps her next job could be as a handbag carrier in New York, or has that job gone to Dazza.

  • statlerandwaldorf

    Tizard was a total waste of space – the only purpose she served was to carry Clark’s handbag and munch out on her rug.

  • liberty

    Judith spent 18yrs in parliament. Some as a clayton Minister in a money for jam job and she couldn’t save enough to fix her roof.
    How does the little people in struggle street survive after being forced to pay for such non entities?

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  • axeman

    Meh. Another case of a Liarbore saying ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’

    Now that the T-Bomb has been defused, when the subject of the ex-Min­is­ter Respon­si­ble for Assist­ing the Prime Min­is­ter with her Handbag comes up during a Phil-in the Goof radio interview, he will say (a la Chris Carter) “Judith who? She’s irrelevant”

    Nice comment on HOS site: “Goodbye Ms Tizard, the only thing that was not forgotten was the possibility you could have been back in the Parliment and now the Labour Party can feel relief that they may have somone in your seat who can make a real contribution to NZ.”

  • gaskranken

    And what she really means is,`If only my decision to re-enter parliament could captivate the attention of the entire country, if only I could be the talk of the town….’
    but nah instead she would be going down to a slow motion train wreck and no one gives a fuck about her or the party littered with years of broken promises.

    Ohh woe is Big Judith, every one get out their fur lined wallets, pull a hundy note out and wipe our eyes for her and her vanquished ideals eh?