Keeping Score

Some one has to do it as Phil Goff and Labour promise big when it comes to spending other peoples money.

You’re forgiven if you didn’t notice it, but Phil Goff committed Labour to spending at least another $600 million this week. $600 million more that he doesn’t have.

While he was busy mishandling Damien O’Connor’s truthful (but colourful) observations, the caretaker Labour Leader resurrected his party’s plan to reinstate Research and Development tax credits at a cost of more than $600 million over three years.

He also made new, and unspecified promises about extra spending on skills training.

More unfunded promises from Labour by whaleoil

Of course when he was asked how he would pay for two more very expensive promises or how much they might cost, he couldn’t provide any answers.

With at least $5 billion in reckless, unfunded and unprincipled spending promises already racked up, there needs to be a few more tough questions asked about how Phil thinks he’s going to pay for any of it.

Credit where it’s due here, the chaps from did ask – but Goff couldn’t say.

Most laugable, is Phil’s feeble defence for not providing any proper costings or funding plan: “It’s a commitment in principle and that’s what you’d expect from an Opposition Party.”

Good luck with that Phil.  The country can’t pay the bills with principles. The time is fast approaching for Labour to explain how its numbers add up.  Full interview at Scoop Audio (15 Minutes)


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  • Oh Dear

    i find it interesting that Goffs union buddies even agree that after tax wages (taking in to account inflation, food price rises etc) have gone up 9% since National has been in. As soon as Goff was challenged by this FACT he ends his media conference!! WHY? Because he had just been rabbiting on that things were going backwards, but his union hacks had proved he is delusional and that things are going FORWARD!!

  • mediatart

    Where do you get all this stuff ?
    Phils every utterance …. who cares.
    Surely the thing is remind him after hes PM, and I dont think you believe he will be labour leader by this time 18 months ago…. oops

    • thor42

      “Phil’s every utterance – who cares?”
      The voters. Anyone with a brain who is looking for politicians who don’t just dish up sweet-sounding “motherhood and apple pie” platitudes, but actually have ***policies***.

    • You should know by now ‘Tart that the Whale is everywhere, all at once, ever vigilant.

      • reid



  • grizz

    He did not sound sincere. It sounded like he was pulling policy out of his arse.

  • reid

    Liarbore’s R&D tax break was one of the only things I ever supported and I have never supported it being cut.

    It’s not a luxury, it’s a non-sentimental investment in the future. This of course assumes it’s wisely distributed based on the best scientific and commercial analysis with narry a whiff of political factional nor venal influence and one knows in this world that always happens but let’s ignore that cause we can’t measure it so let’s ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist and every single cent goes to where it should and hits the right target 100% of the time.

    Given that fantasy, it’s still only $600m and what are we talking about here? Why Timmy, only our entire future as a first world nation. Why precisely are we the most efficient food producer in the world? If we’re not that, where would we fall in the world? A lot lower even than the bottom of the OECD, that’s for sure.

    And it’s still only a measly $600m. This stuff is more critical than a hell of a lot of govt-funded uni courses like law and philosophy, which added up MUST cost WAY more than $600m. Yet we continue our foolish, foolish way.

    Where would Australia be, had it neglected to adopt the worlds-best-practice in organising and exploiting its minerals? Both of us through the last hundred years or so, developed world beating expertise in our networks: diplomatic, commercial and logistical which were all directed at one goal. Australia has continued its lead in mineral exploitation while we have since 1984 faltered in ours, with the net result today our agricultural technology is increasingly second-rate and this cannot be, when you’re a first-world nation. Apparently.