Labour says the Law doesn't apply to them

In the Herald this morning Labour leader (Pro tempore) Phil Goff has said that labour will continue to ignore and break the law in their campaign to Stop Asset Sales.

Labour leader Phil Goff, who launched the campaign last week, said he didn’t know who within his party had put the signs up, “but if the council has a problem of course they can talk to whoever might have put them out”.

While the signs were modelled on stop signs “nobody’s going to mistake it as a stop sign, that’s just silly”.

“This is just the National Party highly embarrassed by the fact that most New Zealanders don’t want asset sales and the Labour Party is standing alongside New Zealanders in that view.

“In fact we’re leading the push back against the assets sales. That’s why they’d love to see us not have the chance to get our message out there.

“We’ll keep using those signs. If the council’s got a problem we’ll listen to them of course, but nobody thinks they’re going to be a traffic hazard, that’s just nonsense.”

Where to begin with his statement. For a start he says he doesn’t know who put the signs up? There is photographic evidence of at least 8 MPs or candidates including Carmel Sepuloni, Trevor Mallard, Iain Lees-Galloway, Darien Fenton, even Phil Goff himself. Jeremy Greenbrook-Held even boasts of the one he put up in Helensville.

Then he talks about the National party being embarrassed which is hilarious since no one in the National party has said a word, it is bloggers that have snapped their campaign and now utterly destroyed it.

Then Phil Goff declares that they will just carry on regardless despite the law.

So Labour is poised to ignore the law (again) – and encourage their supporters to participate in potentially dangerous and illegal behaviour.  Phil Goff doesn’t care about motorist safety. Andrew Geddis points out Labour’s problem:

Now, this isn’t to say that Labour can’t produce signs that look like stop signs, or stick these up in places that aren’t visible from a roadway. It’s just that those putting them up – most of whom I’m guessing are enthusiastic volunteers – shouldn’t be putting them up alongside the roads. And Labour also probably shouldn’t be saying “We’re aiming to blanket the country with [the signs]”, which could (at the least) be interpreted as encouragement to use them in ways that are prohibited.

It is worse than Andrew Geddis suggest because on their Facebook site they even go out of their way to state:

Yes, the admin of the Facebook site tells us all that they designed the signs to mimic stop signs. That breaches the law straight away right there. Then they go on:

Labour's sign stuff up

Labour wants to blanket the country with them…the photographic evidence suggests that blanket the country means hammering them into grass verges, having loons jump up and down at busy intersections carrying stop signs and leaping into the path of on-coming traffic brandishing red stop signs.

The LTSA should be telling Labour to axe the signs – because right now there’s a risk other groups will ignore the law and quote this ham-fisted campaign and Phil Goff’s statement as a precedent that the authorities did nothing about.


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  • monty

    Where I see these signs I will be laying a complaint with the Police. Labour’s disregard for the law is astonishing and I for one will definitely do something about it. I encourage all good law abiding citizens to do likewise. The police may try to fob you off – but quote the law, let them know you are serious and insist they put a stop and prosecute any offenders (I would so love to see Trev in the Dock again)

  • omnibus6

    What a silly, silly man Mr Goof is.

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  • spiker

    Let the formal complaints roll..

  • Do you have an address to which complaints may be addressed Cam?

  • whafe

    What so now Gooofy Goff is going to be all staunch and is basically saying fuck all this PC bullshit…….

    Yep there is an overload of PC bullshit in New Zealand…

    Fuck me, the Labour Pinko’s just keep on giving to National….. Some people just dont know when to “shut the fuck up”

  • liberty

    “down at busy inter­sec­tions car­ry­ing stop signs and leap­ing into the path of on-coming traf­fic bran­dish­ing red stop signs.”
    Is there a problem with Labour supporters playing in the traffic ?

    • Yeah, they leave a fucking terrible mess all over the front grille and I get to spend my Good Friday washing communism off my front bumper bar.

  • dannyboy

    If Goff thinks the law preventing road sign confusion is “silly”, he had nine years to change it.

  • cadwallader

    And, these neanderthals are worried about a helicopter ride. Will someone put this Labour gaggle out of its collective misery..please!

  • thor42

    This so-called “campaign” by Labour could backfire in a *big* way. It raises the “h”-word – *hypocrisy*.
    People voted Labour out of office for many reasons, but two of the big ones were their arrogance and their hypocrisy.
    The Clark-beast rocketing around in its motorcade and not being pinged for it – “oh, the law doesn’t apply to us.”
    Labour haven’t learned a SINGLE THING from being in Opposition. I have yet to hear them apologise for anything that they did. I don’t think they’ve apologised for “not listening to the people” either.

  • mattyman

    “Four legs good, two legs bad”

    Whale are you going to lay a complaint or know where we can complain?

  • angrywasp

    This is funny as Fuck!!! Labour is just a huge joke…

    As other posters have said… whats the best way to complain Cam?? lets get this juggernaut moving!!

  • adolffiinkensein

    Goff is inviting really big trouble now.

    Hell, if I was still living in Auckland I’d find out where these idiots have their signs and go for a drive. The only thing better than my V8 Calais’ power is its braking system. I’d hit them real hard right alongside their silly signs and hope that at least ten cars finished up in the nose to tailer. Of course, there would just happen to be some mates there to record the whole thing on video for the police. Funny thing is, the first place you would see it would likely be here.

    What a pack of loons are these Labour people. They appear to be finding a new way each day to push a knife into their bellies and heave it up to their briskets. All we see is their putrid guts spilling out everywhere.

  • monty

    Where the signs are (or people holding the signs, best idea is to call the local police, or their comms centre and advise that you are laying a forma complaint about the signs / people holding them up. Advise the police the signs are a distraction (which they are) they are illegal which they are, and that the people / whoever put the signs up should be prosecuted.

    When I rang yesterday, I suggested to the operator that the signs were illegal under a law called Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 and Rule 3.2(5)(a) appears most relevant:

    3.2(5) A person must not install on a road, or in or on a place visible from a road, a sign, device or object that is not a traffic control device, but that:
    (a) may be mistaken for a traffic control device

    The operator thought I was joking – which of course I was not. I advised that this was a formal complaint, and that if they wished I could provide photographic evidence. I suggested that the fine for each infringement should be sent directly to Trevor Mallard c/- Parliament. I hope he gets the fine for such disregard of the law.

  • roger

    GOD this could cause the end of everything we hold dear.Get a life people.

  • monty

    No Roger – this is just good fun. The VRWC are just taking the piss, we are kicking a sucker when they are down – wrecking the last reminants of the once proud Labour Party. Labour in their current form don’t deserve any better.

    Don’t forget if they had half a chance they would return the favour.

  • roger

    Sigh i voted national then noticed behind hone keys smile ,billy english billy bunter and the other crap from the past were waiting :-( to root rort and fuckup, RUBBISH then and RUBBISH now,Sigh after the removal of the lesbian opps feminist helun davis i thought NZ would boom but my company failed under hone keys watch, redundant, but not a dole bludger,:-) but i have a job?? of sorts , but a zillion years away from my trade, ps Dont be starry eyed like cam with his posts,cam will be shafted,national is shit like liarbor and i will never vote again in my country NZ again, i cannot change anything for the better but i have a few standards,DONT VOTE for the same old rorting troughers (all parties)

    • thor42

      Roger, here are some full stops —-> ………………………………………………….

      Please feel free to use a few of them in your posts. Even if you scatter them around at random, that will be an improvement.

    • abjv

      Don’t be too hard on Roger; he’s talking sense for once. A lot of the public held out hope for John Key’s incoming government and were glad to see the end of Mrs Davis. But john’s government does have losers and non-performers in key roles e.g. the Dipton from Dipton, Billy Bunter, Mr Magoo, Maurice, Figjam … (that’s 3 of thor42’s full stops)

      They have a lot of political capital, they could have grasped the country and made it look like their vision, they still might be able to after the election; only, we don’t know what that vision is.

      Yes we’ve had an economic downturn and two world-class earthquakes. But we’ve also got the best terms of trade for our commodity economy for decades, and the 3rd largest sporting event in the world is about to arrive. Not to mention 2 hobbit movies. We should be in a better economic state than we are. The Govt borrowing $300M a week is like giving an AirNZ away overseas every 6 weeks; not sustainable. And what is the vision, other than ‘ever since a boy I wanted to be PM’?

      That’s my disappointment with the most popular Government since the war; I don’t actually know what their vision is,

      I’m not saying Roger is right or wrong, i’m just saying that I can see where he is coming from (for the first time ever, by the way).

  • roger

    18 thor42 April 21, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    Roger, here are some full stops —-> ………………………………………………….

    Please feel free to use a few of them in your posts. Even if you scat­ter them around at ran­dom, that will be an improvement.

    Sit on a full stop and rotate, you might get a buzz and i dont give a shit, happy Easter