Labour's illegal signs

Labour’s Stop Sign campaign has hit a brick wall. David Farrar has just posted that these signs and the campaign they have mounted is actually illegal. The traffic sign rule book makes this clear.

Labour has placed their MPs and campaign workers, people who’ve waved or placed the signs near to the road, in a pickle. They are breaking the law anytime they go anywhere near a road with the signs. They should come clean and pay the fines.

Their Facebook site is filled with pictures of the guilty MPs and their supporters clearly breaking the law.

Iain Lees-Galloway looks guilty in his recent nasty campaign outside the business of the National candidate on a busy Palmerston North road:

Iain Lees-Galloway breaks the LawIllegal Labour signs

Louisa Wall is clutching a sign in one of these pics – did she go near a road at all?

Did Louisa Wall go near a road?
Darien Fenton is actually standing ON THE road:

Darien Fenton breaking the law

Michael Wood’s campaign team is in serious hot water with these shots at the busiest intersection in Botany.

Labour's illegal signs

Trevor Mallard’s election campaign has a small set back with all his illegal signs:


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  • whafe

    Fuckwits is the first word that comes to mind on this…..

    And they think they can run the country, give me strength…..

    Phil Goff is the first living brain donor!

  • dannyboy

    Iain Lees-Galloway is looking guilty because he fancies rooting the chick in front of him …

    • omnibus6

      Careful dannyboy, he’s married.

  • omnibus6

    Who would have thought that this entire Labour campaign to try to derail the National-led Government may just derail itself. Alanis’ words spring to mind “Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?”

  • monty

    Excellent – I recommend that when ever Labour are out with their illegal stop signs they pull over immediately and report the offence to the local police quoting the a law called Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 and Rule 3.2(5)(a) which appears most relevant:

    3.2(5) A person must not install on a road, or in or on a place visible from a road, a sign, device or object that is not a traffic control device, but that:
    (a) may be mistaken for a traffic control device

    Indeed it is the civic duty of every person to report such offending.

  • roger

    Fuck thanks for bringing these workers to the national parties notice, the fines could pay for hone keys private helicopter company, ancient choppers from a lost war, nationals biggist fuckup,

    • omnibus6

      Getting to one place faster never hurt Helen now roger, what makes John Key any different. Oh is it that he is a more successful Prime Minister than she? At least he didn’t put other people in danger on the road.

    • whafe

      roger, you dodger, get your hand off it…………………. Another full of shit pinko, fuck off

    • Mr. Infinity

      Envy. The left’s deadly sin.

      Stupidity, or at least ignorance, too.

    • reid

      the fines could pay for hone keys pri­vate heli­copter com­pany

      Indeed that could actually happen roger. Key is pretty lucky isn’t he?

  • mickrodge

    Jesus Roger…what were you told about NOT taking the brown acid?

  • Oh, this is precious! Labour just can’t take a trick at the moment, and this is just another example; bring on the next 3News poll; Labour will be lucky to poll better than the Greens!

    • thor42

      Agreed….. this really is ***classic!***

  • roger

    8 whafe April 20, 2011 at 5:28 pm
    roger, you dodger, get your hand off it…………………. Another full of shit pinko, fuck off

    Fuck i voted for the grinning jewish trougher

    • Mr. Infinity

      Anti-Semitism, too? You do the left credit.

  • Doug

    Just the Ticket for Labour.

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  • grizz

    Just to be the devil’s advocate, isn’t plastering Labour’s sign all over the internet the kind of viral promotion they are looking for? Going out of your way to criticise their signs may contrarily be seen as free advertising.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Understandable. But its gonna take more than a few illegal signs for Liabore to get any traction.

  • gazzaw

    roger, calling anyone a trougher is a little rich coming from labour. Hodgson is the latest case in point – troughing to the bitter end. What the f**k is he going to achieve in Mexico City for those starving constituents of Annettes who are so desperately in need of food parcels? Maybe Pinko Pete could impress us all by donating the cost of his Mexican junket to Annette’s food parcel fund. Pigs might fly.

  • mediatart

    Nice try but no cigar!

    Its clearly NOT attempting to be a traffic control device. It is merely the same colour and shape but the wording doesnt try to control traffic.
    The example given is trying to ‘control’ traffic.
    Labours signs do not.

    The other point , I dont see where an ‘non complying rule ‘ is an offence. My reading of the rules is that thay are NOT offences. Faffar is a bit vague here, ( deliberately)

    • Actually Tart it is you who misses out ont eh cigar.

      the rules clearly state “(c) mark or install, or allow to be marked or installed, on a road, or in or on a place that is visible from a road, a sign, device or object that appears to be a traffic control device”

      Note the word “appears”…the signs are the same shape and the same colour, that is covered by appears. This campaign of Labours is rooted.

    • Also, unfortunately for Labour, they have admitted they are designed to look like stop signs…
      On Facebook Stop Asset Sales Posted on April 8 @ 4:53: “We’re about to produce some in the shape of stop signs. Will post here when they’re available.”


  • One comment about the legality of the signs and I got defriended from the facebook page. Pah!

  • abjv

    Labour’s signs are illegal

    anagrams to

    Gasbag liars lose; rule nil

    • thor42

      Nice one……. :)
      “Does Phil Goff have jockeys” gives you –
      A Pocked Effigy Shovel Josh
      A Flyspecked Shove Of Jig Oh
      A Heckled Five Poofs Jog Shy
      ….. and quite a few others……..

  • reid

    Oh dear. Ever since the conference and the blasted Pike River thing happened we’ve been struggling to make even the slightest impact then Hughes now our stop signs.

    Oh dear.

    Whatever is going wrong?

  • cadwallader

    Love the anagrams above: What do you guys do all day? Whatever it may be, it is more fruitful than anything Goof does.

    I think the only honest sign this lot ought wave about would be: “We stopped being credible years ago!”

  • cadwallader

    PS Here’s another: “Stop Darren! Stop Darren! Ouch its too tight Darren! STOP!!!”

  • omnibus6


    vote National

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