Looks like I am running Labour's campaign

A few months back I offered to help out Labour with their campaign strategy. First Trevor Mallard picked up the thrust of my campaign ideas and now Andrew Little has.

Outgoing Labour president Andrew Little said last night his party would ask the public at this year’s election whether they were better off after three years under National. “People have a real concern about what is happening with incomes.”

I’ll prepare an invoice since Labour seems to be officially running with my campaign ideas.

It does show however just how bereft of ideas LabourĀ hasĀ become that they have to use the campaign ideas of a right wing blogger.


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  • gaskranken

    I had exactly the same thought today when I was reading Littlease comment in the SST.

    `no one is lying awake at night thinking about gay boy hughes, but they are lying awake at night thinking about their pay packet, their job, and how they are going to make ends meet.’ Unlike Dazza who was fixating on making ends meet in an entirely different manner right?

    So the little man is channeling the whale and Tizard hates you – you gotta be doing something right, right?

  • whalewatcher

    Too right, Slater
    I posted last week how pathetic Little sounded on Larry Williams – 2nd rate union delegate, not future leader.
    Now he trots out your ideas
    Labour haven’t got a clue
    Last night on National Programme, Goff was apologising his way through the last week as I cooked a roast – I had to ‘kill’ him off and put on some Led. The joys of a stereo in the kitchen..

    Labour are pre-occupied with their homosexual scandals at present – although in PC 2011 I haven’t heard the ‘Rainbow’ lot called out for what they are for some time – and don’t have any new ideas. They are sleep-walking to oblivion at the moment.

    Their current manipulation of the MMP system – down to the 5th person below Tizard – will piss off the electorate, too. It proves the List means nought, so the voter cannot count on it in the ballot box.

    Bye Bye Goff and the lot of’em

  • gaskranken

    That’s a weird coincidence WW. I was talking to an ex labour mp this morning who hails from the deep south, now running a successful inner city cafe(hates all the compliance costs, ironically) and he said the same thing. `Sack the lot of them and start again.’