Michael Laws continues to spin

Michael Laws has attacked me via Facebook. not content with abusing people with Aspergers, rooting crack-whores or his inherent racism in order to drive ratings he has now taken to attacking people with depression.

Quite apart from the fact that I am not on any medication, am quite sane despite suffering from major depression Michael Laws still fails to address the fact that he lied and I proved he did.

I’m not sure Mike King will be too pleased his approach to attacking the messenger rather than the substance of the facts of my post. Having depression does not make my arguments any less cogent.

He goes on in the comments:

Michael Laws rantsOne thing is for sure, I am honest about suffering from depression. I have shared so that other may learn. Michael Laws clearly hasn’t learned and seeks instead to denigrate and abuse because i explained carefully the real facts behind his claims of record breaking success.

The facts show that he did not increase his rating by 15%. The facts show that he burned off 50% of his audience in Wellington, the facts show that his TSL dropped by 30% in Auckland, and the facts show that despite and increase in numbers the market share of his show actually dropped.

If he wants to claim that as a success and lie about it then that says more about him than it does about me. If he wants to increase his ratings by bashing beneficiaries, people with Aspergers and people with depression and rooting hookers on top of that then so be it. If he can’t debate the facts and instead have to resort to personal attakcs then, again, it says more about him than it does about me.

I for one am prepared to debate Michael laws, anywhere, anytime on any subject, especially about mental illness, but hell, he can choose the topic and i will slay him comprehensively. I doubt Michael would be prepared to do that though because he prefers one way traffic and self adulation to dealing with facts.

I am honest about my fight with depression, I wonder when Michael Laws will be honest about his afflictions. Attitudes such as Michael’s don’t help, and I doubt he would have the courage to say to my face what he has said on his Facebook page.


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  • I find it amusing that he still fails to realise that he had a blog – for years. What was the stupid Mayor Michael website that was full of photos of Leonie Brookehammer’s body building photos…in a folder repulsively titled “Leo’s Body”.???..what did they have to do with the mayoralty?

    Regardless of the fact that he is too stupid to realise that he had a blog…the man is a liar, and that has been proven time, and time again.

    I am not sure though, that anything that he has said up there, is referring to me. I certainly do not have any illness and i am not on any medication. Due to the fact that i am currently studying, i am not employed RIGHT NOW but he can hardly criticise me for that when he spends most of his time rooting an unemployed, drug addicted, solo mother who is on the DPB.

    He is nuts. I just hope one of these days Leonie makes good on her threats to him. Prison would shut the old pervert up – once and for all.

    Anyway – Gold getting that reaction from him. lol

  • gaskranken

    `Sane people don’t have blogs, Facebook should be enough.’ What the fuck? When did Michael Laws become Mark Zuckerberg or is that just delusions of grandeur again?

  • gaskranken

    I can see the debate lineup now, Cam – Jan Maree – Ewan Gilmour vs Lawsy, Paul Ego and Jem Corbit that commercial radio really is a grubby business.

  • reid

    Michael certainly rates Michael doesn’t he. No doubt about that whatsoever.

    It would be very interesting listening were you Cam and Laws to duke it out on one of his shows.

    He’ll probably do it, I hope. I enjoyed the last one he did with Joe Karam, that was great. I thought Karam explained himself very well.

    • I agree – and i will add that i would be tempted to actually tune in again, just that once… to hear Cam vs Laws.

      If .1 % loss of his nationwide audience share is his best EVER result…i feel sorry for Radiolive, and their advertisers.

  • statlerandwaldorf

    HTFU Cameron: don’t be such a whiner – you had a go at Laws, now he dished it back (in spades) .

    • How about you fuck off. I have had about enough shit to last a lifetime without cunts like Laws calling me mental. I’m not whining, just pointing out that he is a cock and can’t debate on facts just personal abuse.

      If you think that he gave back in spades then you haven’t seen what I can do. And I don’t give in…ever.

      • whafe

        Cam, keep up the great work. Never forget that us that suffer depression are far more interesting individuals, many of the best people in the world suffer depression. It has made me what I am, and am sure it has made you, you….

        Michael Laws is just a pathetic bully, he thinks his past and his air time on radio makes him “Teddy Tuff Nuts”…. He is nothing but a cluster fuck, waste of space….

    • You call adding lies on to a pile of lies “dishing it out in spades” ??? The above is nothing more than an example of Laws scrambling, and crying while he scrambles because he was caught out once again – LYING.

      Laws wouldn’t know the truth, if it crawled into his crack pipe.

  • scanner

    Forget him Cam, we all know that Lhaws is a pimple on the arse of society, this guy is an ankle , which is three feet lower than an arsehole.
    Lhaws is just a sad little fuck that would last two seconds in the real world before someone shoved his nasty little head in.
    FFS stalking hookers and then posting the pictures online, is this sad little twerp for real,
    And still the unanswered questions about the children, Hmmm what say you to that Michael?

    • Ok so that is as interesting as hell scanner…i am sure everyone is busting to know…so i will just go ahead and ask – who he is stalking and what photos he has put online? lol

  • cadwallader

    I know little of Laws other than through his varying media self-portraits, other than to add that , years ago I was sitting beside an erstwhile National MP on a plane. He claimed Laws to be the shallowest man he’d ever known in the National Party. Mind you, this was years before the arrival of Power.

  • Cameron…while I commend you for not condoning racism and discrimination against the mentally ill, it would certainly …help your sudden crusade against bigotry if you didn’t use the word “crack whore” in the same sentence. Referring to women (yes, even former sex workers) as “whores” is inherently misogynist. Using this word maintains the sexual double standard which exists between men and women; furthermore, it reinforces the socially sanctioned (and highly unfair) punishment of women by who deviate from “normal” ideals of sexuality. Aren’t you supposed to be all about freedom and liberty? One thing’s for sure – you’re certainly not about consistency. Last time I checked, sexism was as bad as racism.

    • Yes, Crack Whore is a description that shows disapproval.
      But WO also calls Men ‘ rooters ” which is hardly a pat on the back for their behaviour. Is he therefore a hater of his own sex because he disapproves of Men who screw around?

      • John Gibson


    • Georgina – While i certainly don’t like to see myself referred to in this manner, i know for a fact that is not how Cameron views me. He has used that term in order to drive home Michael’s inherent desire to use people who he perceives as less valuable in our society, and vulnerable.

      Look at Michael’s history that we are all aware of, his family life, his professional life and his incredible desire to chew up people to create news about himself. It is time to analyse Michael Laws…and if using the term crack whore helps drives home to the average reader that Michael Laws suffers from a raft of personality disorders (‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ is the first that I see is glaringly obvious) and to attract attention to himself regardless of the destruction he causes in the lives of others is his modus operandi, which is typical for BPD sufferers, then i am happy to put aside any personal offence that i might feel towards the term “Crack whore” ….

      I was not a “Crack whore” when i met Michael, however in this instance, i am happy to take one for the team so to speak. Michael knew about my past, and he targeted me because he thought i would be vulnerable.

      He was wrong.

      The only thing that i find disappointing about Michael’s propensity to target people that he sees as vulnerable, and worthless is the fact that there are not more out there that are willing to speak out publicly regarding the way he has targeted them.

      Shame will do that to people though – he likes people that are ashamed for that very reason.

      The term crack whore is not something that i am ashamed of. I am proud – every single day of the changes that i have made to my life, and how far i have come since those days.

      It is not a pretty word – but there is no point sugar coating that kind of lifestyle – it is not a pretty life. The term crack whore suits it down to the ground.

      • reid

        Jacquiline whatever you’re studying I hope it makes you happy.

        The way you express yourself in your writing makes me wonder if you wouldn’t make an equally powerful impact on young people in public as you do here, in private, from home.

        I just mention that, to make sure you understand, that you do that, here. This isn’t the first time, when you’ve commented here, that I’ve sensed that.

        One of your gifts.

  • Good on you Whale. Laws is a knob and a dump button hero

  • thor42

    Heh…. I have both Asperger’s *and* depression so I suppose I should be *really* peeved off, but I can’t be arsed…. :)