National Party Selections round-up


Front runner, all round bloody good guy and National Party stalwart Grant McCullum has dropped out of selection making it a relatively open race. The five that remain are Sarah Davies, Matt King, Ken Rintoul, Mike Sabin and Mark Tan and they will have huge shoes to fill in replacing John Carter. John’s one of the most liked guys in caucus and a man who has friends all over the country due to his easy going nature and willingness to help out with campaigns. Cactus Kate has already dealt with the inappropriate-ness of Sarah Davies.


This blog has said what it thinks about Rodney, so wont be saying any more other than if you are a fundamentalist christian go and be a missionary, don’t try to impose your religious views on the National Party and the country.

North Shore

It looks like we will see Maggie Barry emerging as the successful candidate there. Despite Maggie being beaten in Botany by Jami-Lee Ross, she has intimidated out some potentially good candidates so is left with opposition that is very weak. Former Councillor Paul Goldsmith is not likely to woo many delegates as he is too austere to be likable.

Maggies impending selection is probably good for New Zealand, as our politics has shown a disregard for older candidates, yet in other countries politicians do not reach the peak of their careers until much later in life. Maggie will appeal to a group of voters outside North Shore that probably would not vote National.


The meet the candidates events have finished and it appears to be a two horse race between long time Whaeloil friend and long time party servant Scott Simpson and Megan Campbell. This is a tight race and this blog wishes both candidates all the best for the final night. One note however is that silly games and rumour-mongering seem to have started in the lead up to the selection on the 19th. Those games should stop otherwise I might have to expose them. One thing I know for certain is that claiming endorsement from the hierarchy or leadership almost certainly leads one to destruction. Playing negative is not rewarded in National party selections because at the end of the process you all have to work together and a campaign for selection run with rumour, innuendo and spite is detrimental to that. National party delegates like to save that for the enemy.


Sadly the tragedy afflicting the Guy family has meant Nikki Guy has decided not to proceed with the nomination. This blog has only heard exceptionally good things about Nikki and fortunately she is young enough to be an MP for National at some stage in the future.

This leaves Manawatu Mayor Ian McKelvie as the front runner, and like Nikki only good things have come through the tip line. Ian would bring a sensible rural voice to a caucus that is becoming increasingly dislocated from the rural economy.

Wellington Central

Paul Foster-Bell is the presumptive candidate after the first meet the candidates meeting, but is unlikely to be a threat to the incumbent Labour MP, Grant Robertson.


Few candidates are putting their name forward for a really tough red seat.

Dunedin South

Another tough red seat where the likely and highly regarded candidate has left for Australia.


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  • mattyman

    I’d love to see Kerry Prendergast stand for Wellington, no doubt she would most likely be the best candidate to stand and could win the seat also. Please try and convince her JK!

  • mediatart

    And the National list ?

    That will of course come once there are barely any sitting days left in parliament.
    Couldnt have disgruntled list candidates upsetting the apple cart could we.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Do you even think before you type or do you just blurt out nonsense on a whim?

  • thor42

    Wigram – isn’t “Bludging Jim Anderton” retiring from that seat at this election? I’ve just had a look at last election’s results and the 2008 Nat candidate there – Marc Alexander – did pretty darned well. He almost halved Bludger Anderton’s majority, from 8,548 to 4,767. The party vote in that seat in 2008 was –
    Labour Party – 14,108 40.19%
    National Party – 13,308 37.91%
    Jim Anderton’s Progressive 2,010 5.73%
    With a strong National candidate, that seat could be interesting. Not saying it’d fall to the Nats, but a retiring MP always gives opportunities to others.

    • thor42

      The interesting thing is Wigram is the electorate vote –
      ANDERTON, Jim (JAP) 15,320 44.50%
      ALEXANDER, Marc (NAT) 10,553 30.66%
      EBBORN-GILLESPIE, Erin (LAB) 5,214 15.15%

  • roostacogburn

    The word coming from Coromandel is it’s a one horse race. Sandra decided some time ago Megan Campbell will be her successor. Sandra has been very active in pushing that view to delegates. Scott though performing well at meet the candidate meetings, Megan’s performance so far disappointing and rated only third at the meetings.

    • The word coming from who…you Vicki??? Scott’s mouthpiece and chief rumour-monger. Looks like I will have to start publishing all the shit that has been flying around.

      Funny how the dirty tactics and rumour-mongering has moved from Rodney to Coromandel, and only one candidate was in both fights.

      Funny too that Scott couldn’t fill out the nomination form with the correct electorate. Rules committee issue?

  • thor42

    WO, what are your thoughts on Wigram?
    If Anderton’s retiring, that leaves his 15,000 electorate votes up for grabs. Even if you split them 2 to 1 in Labour’s favour, that gives National and Labour around 15,000 each, in round figures (National – plus 5,000 – Labour – plus 10,000 ).
    I reckon Wigram is gettable for the Nats – interested to hear your thoughts on that.

    • abjv

      My guess is they’ll go 5:1 to Labour, unless Labour has a right pillock of a candidate and National somehow gets someone with celeb appeal. Nuh. I’d expect it to be pretty safe red this election.

      If you’re looking for a shaky one, Roskill could be a problem if Phil gets the chop, or he keeps lurching from blunder to blunder, the turnout is low and National picks the right candidate.

  • ayeaye

    Wellington Central selection meeting pitched an experienced campaigner against a person who joined the party very recently. It sounds like a no-brainer but the presentations on the night opened up the competition and made it interesting. The experieneced campaigner had a very poor handout (spelling mistakes, weird claims to fame like having been taught at primary school by an All Black) whereas the newby seemed to have better understood what was required. The experieneced campaigner announced that he wouldn’t contact the delegates but they were welcome to contact him whereas the newby understood the need to get around the delegates. It is more interesting than I expected.