NBR lockdown busted

NBR is sick of people cut and pasting their articles and is now going to lock that down too. Well sort of.

They clearly haven’t heard of screenshots. Cactus Kate has…I taught her how to do it. Rest assured when there is something behind NBR’s paywall that I want I will get it and nothing Barry Colman tries will stop me. People were even commenting in their article how to get around their stupid policy but like good like socialists they were censoring the comments. Not even the courts of New Zealand could shut me up and so if you want to use their content then these commands are your friend.

Mac: Cmd+Shift+4

Windows: Check out the handy hints here for Windows print screen solutions.

Right problem solved.

One thing irked me though and that was the comment from Busted Blonde. She slags off people who want to know about something behind the paywall and describes them as bludgers.

Busted Blonde is a bludger

This is the same cow that bludged off her mates in the blogging community to win a contest which no one has seen the results of. Namely the copious amounts of free piss she promised us all in a party. We helped her win the damn competition, then we helped shame Barry Colman into dipping into his own pocket after NBR welched on the deal. Not a single one of us so much as got an email of thanks and not a single one of us has seen so much as a glass let alone a bottle  of Veuve Clicquot as a mere token of our awesome hitting power.

If anyone is a bludger it is her. Not mention I just bet her state-funded government job paid for her access in the first place, she isn’t one to dip into her own pocket, like ever.



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  • abjv

    In windows, I probably take screen shots 10 to 20 times a day.

    This one is completely free, and works for W95 onwards. Get the stuff on the screen that you want. Hit the “prtscreen” button on the keyboard. Open ‘Paint’ (normally under accessories). Paste. Drag the image around until the bit you want is all visible. Select the bit you want using rectangular selection and “copy”. Put the image where-ever you want.

    There are also outfits on the web that will sell (or give you) software or a service to turn the image back into text.

    Trying to lock down data this way only serves to piss people off.

  • giblet

    I’ve been interviewed by NBR journalists, as well as TV and radio, and I always willingly do this for free, without any expectation of payment. The quid pro quo for me is a bit of free publicity for my business.

    It’s a bit rich when the NBR then want to charge readers for information I have given to them at no charge. In future I will decline to give expert comment if it is going to be hidden behind a pay wall.

  • jman

    For screen captures I use a program called Hypersnap-DX. It enables you to do cool things like select a certain region for capture, or capture a specific window or button etc. It also gets past some some websites that disable things like being able to right-click save images.

  • nzspambot

    Not only can you screen shot but you can still copy and paste for fucks sake! all they’ve done is add HTML span (mind you which will break some-things). less than 30 secs and I and regex the shit out of it.

    Bunch of muppets

  • kehua

    The cheek of the fat blonde knows no boundaries, sad really.