Nice to Have – Trips to Mexico

A couple of bludging MPs are off to some talk fest.

Labour MPs Pete Hodgson and William Sio are off to Mexico and Panama.

Speaker Lockwood Smith said the pair would meet Mexican parliamentarians in Mexico City, before heading to 124th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Panama City, Panama.

In Mexico discussions would cover customs, business and both countries’ roles in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Since the early 1970s, Mexico has consistently been our key export market in Latin America while growing in significance as a destination for New Zealand investment,” Dr Smith said.

Over the past five years, New Zealand exports to Mexico have averaged around $444 million per year.

If Mexico is so important why are we sending two losers, one about to leave parliament and the other ranked 17 on Labour’s list.

Lookwood Smith would do us all a favour by making any travel by anyone outside of cabinet only half subsidised, so the MP had to pay the other half. That would make them stop and think about whether it was good value to go.


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  • titan

    If the trip comes to custard… at least they’ve enjoyed the tax payer funded pornography they will be watching in the hotel suites.

  • deputy

    I hope the skin headed poison tongued old coot stays out of the country. Snouts in the trough for what. The idiot is pulling the plug in November and the other lightweight will also be gone so what use is the information they might gain.

  • abjv

    These days, international airfares are priced ‘each way’. It would halve the cost of the trip if we didn’t buy them a return ticket.

  • thor42

    The bastards. The pricks earn enough – make them pay their own way over there.
    Fucking MPs rorts – taxpayer-funded everything. Pricks.