Now there's a surprise

The Principals’ Federation has held a vote and voted against National Standards.

Secondary school principals say they no longer have confidence in the government’s education policy.

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation, consisting of 750 education leaders, have passed a vote of no confidence at a conference in Wellington today.

President Peter Simpson said principals have reached a point of despair as they feel their concerns about National Standards have been ignored.

It is all a bit silly because their vote matters not  a bit. They are required to as civil servants to implement government policy so it is best they stop the pathetic politicking and get on with the job they are paid to do.

I bet if we held a vote of parents that they would pass a vote of no confidence in teachers and the NZPF. In fact I think now that the NZPF have shown such blatent political bias then the government should review th almost 100% government funding of their organisation as one of the “nice to haves” that can have the razor taken to it.

Their president, Peter Simpson, banged on about National Standards as usual in his speech – but there was no other content. Incredibly, there was no mention of bullying – or any other issues.

It is beyond belief that Principal’s think that they can ignore parents, who want National Standards, and ignore their minister and the government and parents, who want bullying stopped.

But when their president makes a speech that flips the bird at the government and parents and ends with the words:

“We will do what we know is right for children.”

You just know that they are truly in la-la land.

They will be gutted – only two journos turned up – Radio NZ (EI) and TV3.  And their buddies in RNZ even said on air that NZPF was losing the battle. And if their friends are saying it they are really in trouble.

The NZPF also try and claim that National’s figures of about one in five kids failing is wrong. They present their own numbers – 14 per cent – this represents 107,000 kids being allowed to fail by their member schools. If they know who these kids are – and they must do to know the number – then what are they doing about it and why are they still failing.

I think the government should show that they have lost confidence in some in the teaching profession and offer them alternate career options.

Labour meanwhile shows how out of touch they are with Sue Moron-ey calling for the sacking of Anne Tolley simply because 750 pinkos held a vote and say they don’t like her or National’s policy. If having pinkos hold a vote is the measure of whether someone should be sacked or fired then we wold have very few ministers.

I, on the other hand, think that if a minister has managed to annoy 750 pinko teachers then she must be doing something right. She should be promoted forth-with.


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  • Surely it’s time for Tolley to take a leaf out of Crusher’s book and stamp some authority over this issue. It’s really quite simple. Teachers’ unions and Principals’ unions are now proscribed (under domestic terrorism legislation). Any Principal or Teacher who refuses to implement National Standards is summarily dismissed. Any Board of Trustees that refuses to implement National Standards will be replaced by an Administrator. Simple. Job’s done. It’s been almost 3 years that this issue has been unresolved. Time’s up.

    • reid

      I find your argument compelling and entirely reasonable TGG.

      Let’s hope the lefties understand it as well as we do.

      • reid

        …via the Hikoi you no doubt are planning in which I will be a very keen participant indeed.

  • What other job in NZ could you throw your toys out of the cot, tell the employer that you don’t like him/her, admit to only completing 86% of work assigned & refuse to do what you are paid to do?

    They are completely detached from reality.

    • thor42

      Agreed. The Gantt Guy is right too – Tolley needs to stop ***pissing around*** and deal to the teachers and principals’ unions – once and for all. This nonsense has been going on for far too long.

  • roger

    Yep after tupperwaka,AMI, etc etc opps SCF more millions thrown there .Do you rightwingers really think the govt ,opps the oldies from the failed last national govt are going to stomp down on the principals.National is a one act party ,sell sell or just throw money at the chosen race.Can you really see hone key sacking teachers and principals, in an election year???????can you and replace them with what.

    • fatman43us

      Cardboard cut outs of Lenin. No one will see the difference

    • titanuranus

      Roger,once Labour achieves its dream of getting 100% of New Zealands population on a benefit , where will the money come from?

      • gaskranken

        No worries with that one titus, there will be some sacked principals with lots of time on their hands who can teach the two kids left in the country who haven’t been abused how the marvellous, nice to have, social welfare system works.

  • Doug
  • fatman43us

    And my children 95% at least of these troughers had all expenses paid to the conference by their Board of Trustees, and therefore the Government, and therefore by us.

    What other group of cloth capped communists could manage to get their employer’s shareholders to pay for a conference inimical to their employer’s policies.

    Deregister the lot, I say.

  • cadwallader

    Agree with Gantt and Fatman.
    Tolley ought begin to sack principals and they’ll squeal like there’s no tomorrow. They’ll strike, they’ll claim many breaches of UN children’s rights etc…but the useless commie pricks can suck it and live with it. Tolley go!!!
    I predict that after about 5 sackings of principals, and a couple of demolitions of Boards they’ll fold completely. Again, this is why we all hate teachers!
    The only thing I agree with Roger about is that the teachers would be hard to replace. Where on earth could oe promptly find a gaggle of useless commies to replace those sacked? Of course, Pyongang!