Only two wrong

A couple of hours I released a leaked version of Labour’s 2011 list. Now Labour has released their official version and I only got two wrong.

I missed out Kelvin Davis and Carmel Sepuloni at 23 and 24 respectively.

Labour’s list is:

1. Phil Goff
2. Annette King
3. David Cunliffe
4. David Parker
5. Ruth Dyson
6. Parekura Horomia
7. Maryan Street
8. Clayton Cosgrove
9. Trevor Mallard
10. Sue Moroney
11. Charles Chauvel
12. Nanaia Mahuta
13. Jacinda Ardern
14. Grant Robertson
15. Andrew Little
16. Shane Jones
17. Su’a William Sio
18. Darien Fenton
19. Moana Mackey
20. Rajen Prasad
21. Raymond Huo
22. Carol Beaumont
23. Kelvin Davis
24. Carmel Sepuloni
25. Rick Barker
26. Deborah Mahuta-Coyle
27. Stuart Nash
28. Clare Curran
29. Brendon Burns
30. Chris Hipkins
31. David Shearer
32. Michael Wood
33. Phil Twyford
34. Stephanie (Steve) Chadwick
35. Kate Sutton
36. Jerome Mika
37. Iain Lees-Galloway
38. Josie Pagani
39. Lynette Stewart
40. Jordan Carter
41. Kris Faafoi
42. Christine Rose
43. Glenda Alexander
44. Susan Zhu
45. Rino Tirikatene
46. Sehai Orgad
47. Megan Woods
48. Mea’ole Keil
49. David Clark
50. Richard Hills
51. Anahila Suisuiki
52. Hamish McDouall
53. Louis Te Kani
54. Tat Loo
55. Soraya Peke-Mason
56. Julian Blanchard
57. Peter Foster
58. Pat Newman
59. Julia Haydon-Carr
60. Michael Bott
61. Vivienne Goldsmith
62. Nick Bakulich
63. Chris Yoo
64. Barry Monks
65. Hugh Kininmonth
66. Jo Kim
67. Paula Gillon
68. Carol Devoy-Heena
69. Ben Clark
70. Chao-Fu Wu

There is little or no rejuvenation and as I predicted louisa Wall isn’t even on the list. Labour explained long and hard that one of the reasons why they asked Judith Tizard and 5 others to stand aside was because they weren’t on the list for 2011 and Louisa Wall was the first one that was. Now it turns out she isn’t at all. Yet another Labour lie to the electorate as they ripped up the intent of MMP.

There is some talent there that simply will not get into parliament. Josie pagani has no hope, neither does Jordan Carter. Steve Chadwick’s career is essentially over with her list placing.

Labour’s list is simply the tired old faces of the past.


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  • Mr. Infinity

    Why would anyone vote Labour?

  • abjv

    Although personally I think a candidate should be going after only one of constituency or list (no double-dipping), the rules at present permit dual candidacy. Sad that, but the list would look even thinner if you pulled the sitting MPs out; a who’s who of the union movement mostly.

    Did someone give Patsy a heads-up a couple of weeks ago, so she could ‘decide’ to not be on the list?

    I can imagine a few sitting MPs being not too pleased about their list position, and what it tells their electorate committees of how much the party values them (or not, as the case may be e.g. Kris Faa’koff). Their next caucus meeting will be a doozey. To WO: any chance of your mole taping it?

    How cast is this in stone? I can imagine some wishing to remove the top two names and everyone else shuffling up a bit.

  • Doug

    Just can’t see anyone on the list worth a vote, where is the new blood?
    They deserve to be kicked out on their arse.

  • grizz

    The same old crap and a Goff Staffer up to number 34. 35 is another me-too career politician wannabe. There are four probable electorate MP I can think of that either have candidates with a low list placing or not on it at all: Kris Faafoi, David Clark, Louisa Wall and Dalziel. One of these is a returner and only one other is new and a rare breed for labour, the married heterosexual Christian male. Basically they have to start picking up their poll ratings before any decent new talent starts coming through.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    “one of the rea­sons why they asked Judith Tizard and 5 oth­ers to stand aside was because they weren’t on the list for 2011 and Louisa Wall was the first one that was. Now it turns out she isn’t at all. Yet another Labour lie to the elec­torate as they ripped up the intent of MMP.”

    1. Louisa Wall is going to be an MP after this year’s election. The five others aren’t.
    2. The coming in off the list during the term of former MPs who’ve moved on is not the intent of MMP. The purpose of MMP is to ensure that parliamentary representation of political parties is proportional to their electoral support, while still having local representation.

  • gaskranken

    Is it infact possible that Lianne knew where she was going to be on said list and decided she would get in first before Goof-E and the little general could put her down where they think she should be?

  • titanuranus

    Oh dear, a list of the 70 saddest fuckwits in NZ , all that`s missing is the entire Watermelon party.

    • whafe

      Agree, 70 Oxygen thieves…. That the overall answer is not to spend less money, but to borrow more and promise more……

      Bunch of fucking wombles…

      • Ciaron

        Wrong; the wombles made good use of the things that they find.

  • abjv

    The more I think about this, the more it seems a little odd to me. Does anyone else agree?

    Imagine for a moment it was Graham Henry naming the world cup squad. We know who most of his 30 are going to be – may be the odd surprise, but generally not. We know mostly who the starting 15 are going to be, although we might pick one to be on the bench and Graham has them starting, or vice versa. Despite this, Graham would have the media there, it will be choreographed, it will be used for a big lump of publicity, there will be interviews with the key players, stories and media profile packs about anyone unexpectely promoted; it is a media opportunity as this is THE TEAM who are going to WIN THE CUP for us etc etc.

    Labour’s list should be likewise for them, These are their heros, their champions, the zenith of their achievement, these are the saviours for NZ as they would like to have it etc etc.

    Labour could announce the list any time. Today. Tomorrow. Easter Friday. First day of may. The anniversary of Muldoon’s snap election. Whenever. There is no pressure to announce it right now. They could pick their time.

    They picked today.

    Tonight is the release of the first major opinion poll after Darren Hughes showed what he understood as Education spokesman for “get in behind the students”. With Goff’s fluffing and the general public disapproval of scandals such as this, the particular poll released tonight is never going to be good for Labour. And despite this, they still decide to publish their list.

    Just what do they expect the media to be covering tonight – this selected group of champions about to head into electoral battle for a just cause, with human interest stories on promoted unknowns, or Phil getting another approval rating trouncing?

    Can just imagine the commentator “Another poll result and it is bad news for Labour. They are down x% and Phil Goff personally has fallen another y%… and has been overtaken by Winston Peters as preferred prime minister…” And the human interest story will be a couple of people winning $17M at lotto.

    Just who is giving Labour its media advice, and who are they really working for?

    Or was it published today against the wishes of their advisors, to try to lock a ranking in place in the public’s mind before Tuesday?

    • abjv

      Misread that poll – Phil and Labour are up. No accounting for taste, is there.

      They need to have a talk to TV3 however. I sneezed and missed the article about their list – can’t have been more than 10 seconds although I think I saw 2-hats face on it. The news then spent a couple of minutes on parrots.

  • mediatart

    Thanks for all the publicity for Phil ,Whale !
    His ratings are up!
    What the polls dont show are the dont knows, cant see them going for Key now after the economy has been mismanaged.

    • Great, that was the plan, so Phil could stay till the election.

    • Mr. Infinity

      Your stupidity knows no bounds does it , tart? National went UP by 3 points, Labour up by one. Green down one. Goff’s up by four but still behind by 44.

      National are getting more popular. The collected left are the same.

  • gaskranken

    From 7 to 11 just enough to convince the caucus not to drop him pre-election but not nearly enough to cause anyone else to lose any sleep over the slight growth down below.

  • When you look at the minimum caucus you see a lot of tired old MPs at the top of the list, and then beneath them you see this bunch of low talent hacks.

    10 Sue Moroney
    11. Charles Chau­vel
    12. Nanaia Mahuta
    18. Darien Fen­ton
    19. Moana Mackey
    20. Rajen Prasad
    21. Ray­mond Huo
    22. Carol Beau­mont
    23. Kelvin Davis
    24. Carmel Sepu­loni
    25. Rick Barker

    It almost makes you want to vote Labour. With a shadow cabinet with that talent in 3 years time they’ll not be elected until 2021 at the earliest.