Phil and Andrew have a chat

Phil and Andrew have a chat about Labour’s issues. With sub-titles now.


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  • Mr. Infinity


  • roger

    Sorry Cam i thought it was hone key telling english to screw and stamp on NEW ZEALAND into the ground and to sell whats left to keys dodgy mates in the money market. Hell any idiot like you or me knows keys shouting PASS LAWS that can make me richer

  • Doug

    Remember NZ Steel, Petrocorp, DFC, Postbank, Rural Bank, State Insurance, THC, Maui Gas and oh yeah Telecom.
    Who sold these?

    • titanuranus

      Spot on Doug, I`m still spewing from watching that cunt Prebble smirking as he says “its written in stone ur phone bill will not go up.”
      And less than a week later Tcom says “oh theres stuff here we didnt know about”,and up goes the bill.
      L O L, fuckwitted labour morons .

  • whafe

    roger has an oh so short memory, it goes with being a Pinko idiot…..

    • Mr. Infinity

      Booze will do that to you.

      • whafe

        On this occasion it seems more than Booze :D

  • cadwallader

    I think Roger is as vulnerable as these babies. He is clearly a nanny state worshipper. Sad. Pathetic. Past it!