Pressure mounts on Rodney

ACT's smoke filled roomAs one of the longest established bloggers in New Zealand I have been surprised at the huge amount of information coming through the tip line since Tracy Watkins article in Saturday’s Dominion Post on Don’s challenge of Rodney’s leadership. It has been a flood, and there is massive resentment of Rodney for his destruction of the ACT Party.

Aside from just about every commentator telling Rodney to leave the surprising thing is just exactly how out of touch Rodney is with the ACT board. Apparently he hasn’t talked to many of them for months, and he has ignored their advice for far to long to have their support. Word is he is currently in his bunker with three trusted advisors and not taking calls from senior ACT party members or donors in case they tell him to resign. All sorts of conspiracy theories abound, some of them even including me working for Matthew Hooton! Every one knows Hooton doesn’t pay.

The difficulty for Rodney is having been caught out badly for being a hypocrite, and for not delivering the kind of economic policies ACT stood for in the past, he no longer has the confidence of the membership. The tipline is saying he is struggling to find a reason why the ACT board should retain him, as he has been tracking at the margin of error for so long that no one can remember the last time he was polling well. ACTs board are reminding themselves their loyalty is to the party, not to any individual.

The media are doing no favours to Rodney, not even running adequately his half hearted attacks on Don. My media sources tell me that they are about to go from negative to feral, as Rodney has been exceptionally economical with the truth around his negotiations with Don about his leadership discussions including list positions, a co-leadership agreement and portfolios. This could really hurt Rodney’s chances of surviving a board vote as he kept the board in the dark about the negotiations as well.

Unconfirmed sources are suggesting that Rodney is due back into the mythical smoke filled room where the real power behind ACT is going to suggest he resigns immediately or there will be a lot of utu. Rodney is not the most employable bloke in the world. In the event he loses his seat and kills off ACT his employability gets close to nil, and this point is going to be reinforced strongly.


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  • thor42

    Yep – time to go, Rodney. FFS – you’ve had your chance. You’ve had long enough to get ACT out of the margin of error territory, and the bottom-line is that you’ve failed.
    If you really believe in the party, then you’d stand aside (and you’d at least get some credit for that).
    You’ll get nothing but derision and scorn for hanging on like a crusty old turd in a toilet-bowl.

  • “At the margin of error …”; I think that you’re being generous to Rodney WO.

  • harris

    “Duty: a word that describes the motivation of Don Brash in pushing for the leadership of the ACT Party, and in doing so to help restore some backbone to New Zealand centre-Right politics after a disappointing first term by the once-principled National Party.”


  • gooner

    It has been a flood, and there is mas­sive resent­ment of Rod­ney for his destruc­tion of the ACT Party.

    No there isn’t. The ACT Party isn’t destroyed at all. But I guess if you tell a lie often enough people start to believe it, which is the precise problem here and not some make-believe fantasy invented by know-all journalists.

  • bigkev

    Not only does rodders need to go, the the whole Association of Consumers and Taxpayers brand needs to go, after 17 years rodney and the brand go together, it says dancing with the stars, cheap yellow suits and the ugly ass bus. the only thing good with it was it gave the acronym “ACT” which nobody really did.

  • james

    Rodney could walk into a high,six figure job tomorrow.He should quit…he doesn’t need the shit and with a new wife and baby he can let some other sucker see if he could do better…which until ACT’s real message and polices are presented and understood by the NZ populace isn’t happening any time soon.

  • Mike Readman

    He’s stopped tweeting too:

    But I don’t understand how he could have gone for months without talking to some board members. He’s on the board himself, I think they meet approximately monthy.

  • paranormal

    Sorry Gooner – WO is right. Act has been bleeding long term supporters for years. Most of them when you talk to them say they will come back as soon as Rodney goes. These are the people that help win elections that every party depends on.