Proof the coup is still on

After yesterday’s extensive coverage about David Parker and his pending leadership coup it was of no surprise to see that the Labour hatchet teams are out in force. They have clearly leaked his relationship with the partner of the infirm Chris Knox.

A senior Labour politician touted as a future Labour Party leader is romantically involved with the long-time partner of a Kiwi musician debilitated by a severe stroke.

Labour list MP David Parker is said to be involved with Auckland sculptor Barbara Ward, partner of rocker Chris Knox.

Knox, who has been confined to a wheelchair since a massive stroke in June 2009, is best known for the song Not Given Lightly – written for Ward. Knox and Ward have two children, John and Liesha, who are also mentioned in the famous love song.

Not Given Lightly has been voted New Zealand’s 13th most popular song and is the country’s most-requested wedding song.

The stroke cost Knox his ability to speak, and left him needing fulltime care. Ward is understood to still be involved in that care.

The only reason this story has surfaced is because Goff is running scared. So scared that the dirty tricks are being rolled out. It does however raise some questions about Parker for nicking a chick of someone effectively crippled by a stroke and apparently confined to a wheelchair.  It shows Parker really is the lowest form of opportunist there can be.

Perhaps Chris Knox will re-write the song Not Given Lightly.

“This is a love song to John and Leisha’s motheeer,
Thanks to David Parker, there won’t be anotheeeer”

I don’t think this needed to come out, it certainly shows that Goff and his dwindling team are running desperate. So desperate they are delving into the personal lives of their opponents. It just goes to show that Labour haven’t learned that using nasty personality politics doesn’t work.


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  • gaskranken

    I went to school with Parker, I know Chris and Barbara, something stinks about this story. It’s the naming of Barbara and the choice of that particular artist in this story. I have a feeling if the source for this is ever revealed it may well lead to a new york address.

  • John Gibson

    It is possible that this is actually part of a campaign by the right to keep Goff in power for the election knowing that he has no chance of winning.

  • whafe

    Cam, the definition of Muck Raking was defined by Labour….

  • gaskranken

    Parker (het) Chris and Barbara (het) The elite lesbian mafia have struck again, sexual politics alive and well in the tabloids eh?

  • Mikey

    Parker in a hetro relationship???  He has let the Labour down.