PSA slow learners

The PSA have re-launched their “Nice to Have” campaign. Obviously they are as dim as Labour when it comes to managing a social media campaign.

They have left the site un-moderated over Easter and the Whale Army has attacked.

Even better they have made it so much easier to spread the mayhem by providing useful buttons to send your creation to Facebook or Twitter.

So my loyal troops go fill your boots, go cause further chaos and mayhem.

If there was ever a reason needed to cut the public service it is this display that proves without a shadow of a doubt that they are congenitally stupid. Time to de-register them or at the very least institute some Wisconsin-style reforms.


UPDATE: Good work team, the site is down.

PSA site harpooned


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  • thor42

    Done…….. ;)

  • mattyman

    This is the most fun I’ve had today! Keep up the work lads

  • oswaldbastable

    Moderation is now on. I hope someone is getting time and a half, plus a day off for that!

    • Oh dear

      Site off-line
      Nice to have is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

      • reid

        Site off-line

        Yes isn’t that a shame. And when everything was going to happen, the big Easter weekend was all coordinated with the Great Stop-Sign Campaign and it’s all gone wrong.

        Not only is Liarbore bring hammered cause they’re so mental, evewyone appawently also hates the PSA’s contwibution so vewy vewy much, they had to take the site down, after only a few hours.

        Oh dear indeed I2.

        This is sewious.

  • Doug

    Took a life time to find a Union worker to front on Good Friday, that would have hurt.

    • Nonsense Doug; with time-and-a-half and a day in lieu, they’d have been queueing up to come in!

  • steve

    So much fun. The Lefties will be spinning this as hacking and having the bad posts removed. Who said there was nothing to do on Good Friday? hahaha

  • james

    Moderation kcked in right as I posted my “Nice to have ….A BJ from Jacinda” comment…damm. ;-)

  • jabba

    can’t get in .. they are doing maintenance .. oh

  • thor42

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave the site offline over Easter now…… :)

    • gazzaw

      No way. Some PSA wonk will have stuck their hand up to fix it on Sunday to score penal rates and a day in lieu.

  • reid

    It’s good isn’t it that the union who is funded by govt employees feels free to support one party over another in the political arena.

    I mean fair enough have a union to represent the employee against the employer in this case the govt, but why does a union that is utterly and completely and wholly taxpayer-funded get the idea they are allowed to participate in partisan politics?

    Who the fuck does the PSA think it is?

  • jabba

    bloody hell .. it’s still down .. I have some ideas that I would like to share

  • bunswalla

    Obviously the website’s being looked after by the same people that left Pak’n’Save in Hamilton open for 8 hours on Good Friday.