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What depresses me the most is that Labour’s Party list is a massive exercise in long-term incumbent protection – so if/when they get slaughtered in the election, most of the new blood they’ve bought in to regenerate the party will be gone but the living political dead drooling away on their front bench will stick around to collect a salary for three more years, while National runs riot.

What amazes me is that Labour obviously needs to do something – if not a new leader then a new deputy leader or a new finance spokesperson: one of the top slots needs to change – but instead they seem weirdly content to shamble slowly into the machine-guns, razor wire and minefields of the election campaign as they are, their faces lit with religious joy in their own sense of self-worth.

Looks like Danyl has had enough of Labour.

Bring out Your Dead


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  • abjv

    There are plans. Several. There’s the “lets wait till we get creamed but Andrew will get in off the list and we can make him leader” plan. There’s the “lets wait till we get creamed and replace Phil with David P and Maryan” plan. There’s the “lets wait till we get creamed and replace Phil with Maryan and David P” plan. There’s the “lets wait till we get creamed and replace Phil with David C and Maryan” plan.

    There are many others that are similar (some statistician can work out the number of ways you can pick 2 people out of a group of 24).

    Finally there’s the “it will all come right during the campaign and we can be a partner to Winston and Russell and Metiria and Hone” plan.

    All but one of these plans have the premise that they will have to wait for Labour to get creamed, then the squabble can start. The other one is unrealistic.

    National only needs one – the succession plan for their 2IC

  • paulus12

    I agree with ABJV

    I bet Little andrew is saying “stick at it Phil”. I’m from Head Office here to help you.

    • abjv

      Did you mean “stick it at Phil”?

  • deputy

    Or “stick it up Phil”

  • symgardiner

    The problem with Labour getting creamed is that Goff (who is a moderate) will get turfed out and replaced by a complete pinko. Unfortunately, the election which follows this year’s may see Labour (in a big coalition) knock National out (especially if Act get nuked this time around). And then we are back to having Comrade XXX running NZ. And that means the current nanny state will grow and grow (along with the associated corruption, cronyism, intrusiveness and inefficiency).
    National need to get off their bums and roll back the nanniness and nuke MMP.

    • thor42

      Yep – I couldn’t agree more.
      Time for Key and co to stop pissing around. ***AXE “Working for Families” for a start.*** That’s a Labour bribe which can’t be afforded – end of story. After that, take the chainsaw to the benefit system, and at the same time scrap the useless departments like “W(i/y)mm(i/y)n’s Affairs”, Maori Affairs, P.I. Affairs and a few dozen others.
      Fuck. Bill English is a USELESS f**king Finance Minister. Why the fuck isn’t he ***getting off his well-padded ARSE and doing this? What the FUCK is the prick being paid for?