Quote of the Day – John Key

It appears the gloves are off. John Key leaves us in no doubt as to what he thinks of Labour.

“Who the Labour Party encourages or discourages back into Parliament is a matter for them. Frankly, I don’t want any of them on their list coming in.”


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  • chiefsfan73

    Good on him. With the global backlash against the left, it is time to ensure the boot is well and truely put in.
    My hope is that the electorate provides an even stronger mandate at this years election, and Key dispenses with flowery deals and concessions to the centre left.
    I laugh at Russel Norman when he claims doing a deal with National is not out of the question, but they would prefer to form govt with Labour, this would require the greens getting more than 20% of the vote at this stage one would think.

  • peterwn

    The only ‘patch up’ law change that would assist is that if a list seat becomes vacant for any reason, it stays vacant until the next election. Possible exceptions could be death or disability but there would be some moral hazard associated with a disability exception (in say Sicily or Naples there would be some moral hazard with any death exemption).

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Quote of the day today, had to be Paula Bennett when she accused Clayton Cosgrove of “Plucking figures out of Thin Hair”