SAS message to enemy: Don't mess with us!

TVNZ has got all lathered up over the fact that our SAS troops have been doing their job which is to put bad guys into early graves.

Good. They have sent a message to the Taliban and their hangers on that if you kill one of ours we will kill heaps of yours. Not only that, we will hunt you down and shoot you like rabid dogs.

It is patheitc that the media uses statements like this:

In an astonishing admission, the government today revealed details of a deadly secret mission by the country’s elite SAS troops to hunt down those who killed Tim O’Donnell.

Why is it astonishing that the government has admitted our troops are doing their job? They aren’t there to weave blankets or sweep streets, they are there to seek and destroy the enemy. And they do that very well indeed.

Using terms such as “deadly secret mission” is pathetic…they carry rifles and grenades and machine-guns for a reason and it isn’t for giving cuddles.

I’m proud of our boys for having good intelligence, for tracking down the perpetrators and then for making sure they don’t do it again, ever.

Guyon Espiner is a weaselly little wanker for making a big deal out of this.



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  • monty

    Expect the national support to increase on the back of this, Phil Goff to make a mindless comment opposing violence only to then be exposed as authorizing similar actions as defense minister, and Keith Locke to protest by going on a hunger strike then setting himself on fire in protest.

    • re Keith Locke – we can but hope Monty!

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Someone, somewhere, at the highest level of government, would have given the order to find these Taleban insurgents and kill them. That person would have been the PM.

    John Key’s profile has gone up in my estimation. There is more behind that smile than people think.

  • positan

    Espiner has developed an interviewing style that might be described as “understated outrage.” He doesn’t raise his voice or get abusive with interviewees, but often he asks several seemingly harmless questions before springing one that will appear to undermine or contradict the answers he’s already secured. Similarly, his desired angle is made manifest with such viewer-leading phrases as “in an astonishing admission … ” whereby sensationalism or outrage may be prompted without actually having seemed to be provoked.

    Espiner has developed many capable traits as an interviewer, but I’m regularly annoyed by his sneaky attempts to form my opinion.

    • gazzaw

      As much as I detest Kevin Rudd & his politics I applauded silently a few weeks back at the very adept way that he put Espiner in his place after Espiner had tried to score a couple of smartarse points. Guyon never quite recovered his composure – wonderful to see. Espiner is a full member of the high profile interiewers club on both TV1 and TV3 who firmly believe that the viewers are there to listen to them and not their interviewees.

      As for the SAS action – this is the best news that Ive heard from Afghanistan for months. Let’s have more of it. Building bridges & cuddling up to the locals is all well & good but the primary reason that we are there is to kill Taliban.

  • pita

    WTF would Guyon expect us to do…talk nicely to them?

  • davidgarrett

    positan: well said. “Framing” words are everything: in interviews; in court; and in speeches. Newsflash! Its a war going on over there, and in wars people get killed, and one side frequently retaliates against the other. Guyon should get out more.

    Cam: Clearly you’ve met Espiner more than once….

  • topbloke

    Great Stuff by the SAS. Other elite forces rate them at the top and we know why.
    No fuss, no drama, no bullshit.
    The irony is that on Monday TVNZ will be reporting / celebrating the deeds of our soldiers in all theatres of War. This year with a special focus on Crete where the likes of Major Gen WB Sandy Thomas, Capt Charles Upham and Sgt Alfred Hulme all killed plenty of hun,

    • topbloke

      Not to forget that both Upham and Hulme won VC’s for their actions on Crete

  • hagues

    Why can’t our local cops be as ruthless? Good on the SAS.

  • liberty

    Great Stuff by the SAS

  • thor42

    What ***really amazes me*** (and I shouldn’t be amazed, but I am) is that idiotic pinkos like Guy Espiner **don’t realise** that the only reason that they have the FREEDOM to make pillocks of themselves is because ***soldiers died to defend it!***
    These DICKHEADS just don’t realise that there are people out there – *cough* Muslims *cough* – who *hate* freedom and democracy because according to their beliefs, they’re a “man-made thing” (not “from God”), so that makes them “evil”.
    Presumably Espiner hasn’t seen the Muslims holding placards which say “freedom of expression go to hell”.