Shouldn't they find husbands first?

The NZ Herald has a stupid article asking a couple of “too fussy to get a bloke” chicks (either that or they are dud roots) about home ownership.

What neither Jacinda or Nikki point out is our parents generation would almost certainly be married by 30, and that means two incomes funding one mortgage. Marriage also has the effect of stopping people from wanting to waste lots of money at the boozer, travelling and generally not being fiscally conservative in a personal sense.

This blog is not advocating marriage by any means (I mean seriously? Who wants a mother in law?) but it is advocating the truth being told about why younger people are not saving the money to buy houses.

Ladies, if you want a house, get a husband first.

Alternatively in Jacinda’s case she could write to Granny for a loan.

They bang on about housing affordability but that is always going to be relative, if neither of them can afford a house when supping elbows deep in the public trough then no one can. My mate who has about 30 houses reckons that they are plenty affordable, he has 30 after all so they must be affordable.


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  • jonno1

    There’s something odd here – my three kids are all married with children, all own their own homes with mortgages, none of the wives work (they all have at least one pre-schooler), and none of them earns as much as an MP (well, maybe the UK one does, but he has two houses…). But the NZ ones manage on one salary, don’t lack any needs (although maybe lack a few “nice-to-haves”), so what am I missing?

  • hello

    Jonno it probably depends when they got into the market. If they got in before or even partway through the period where prices doubled in five years (thanks Labour), they’ll be fine. If they got in after that, it will be tough. If they live in Auckland and want to live somewhere where they can school their kids well and not get mugged, it also makes it harder.

  • gaskranken

    In twitter speak, that policy would earn the hash tag #EpicFail.

    Wow, cool, Jacinda knows twitter speak.

    JC had a house featured on his show the other night. It was the dearest house in Dargaville, six hundred and fifty grand, could easily cover the mortgage on an MP’s salary – have it paid off in ten years.

    WTF is wrong with her.

  • hello

    Not to mention her party in Govt. sat back and watched house prices double at a rate of knots and didn’t do a thing about it. One major bank economist put the increase in the tax rate to 39% as one of the biggest reasons for people piling into housing.

  • kevin

    They must both be waiting for some’ rich prick’ to take them straight to the top of the property ladder…

  • titanuranus

    This is the problem with politicians,they have the illusion that people give a shit about what they think.

  • Growing up in my parents first home was in an area described by Bryan Pepperall as the Soweto of Wellington City. Friends I went to school with lived in unfashionable suburbs like Ascot Park and Ranui Heights. I bought my first home in Ranui Heights as well.

    15 years on I live in a much nicer suburb and we are almost mortgage free.

  • gazzaw

    Funny, I got married in 1974 and bought a small unit in the depths of Onehunga. It cost seven times my annual salary (say the current equivalent on $420k) which doesn’t seem too far off the mark for current real estate prices in a similar location. We paid a 20% deposit and borrowed the balance on a first mortgage at 8% and a second mortgage at 23%! I’m fed up with listening to the whingers complaining of how tough it is for first home buyers. It’s actually not that difficult if you make a few material sacrifices and ask for some practical gifts ( yes, even a toaster) instead of asking your friends & family to contribute cash to the begging bowl to cover the honeymoon in New York.

  • bigkev

    i’ve never seen either of them look like that, they scrub up good with that photoshop makeup, them teeth would be a worry tho :-)

  • thecelestialgardener

    It’s always nice to see an independent woman who is stable.

    In Jacinda’s case, we have a horseface seeking a stable.

    • tooright

      Beautiful. Shouldn’t have read your post with a mouthful of coffee – clean up underway.