Special Announcement

It will have escaped no-one, least of all regular readers that I now have a good collection of hunting equipment. I have needed to return to my favourite hobby for my own peace of mind and that is shooting. Without blowing my own trumpet I am bloody good at it.

To that end, Whaleoil Publishing in conjunction with I need a Deer Block Ltd announces the published date of its first book, “The Confessions of a Political Groupie

A kiss and tell expose from a woman on the inside. Telling the true story of the sordid sexual escapades of our members of parliament, their much vaunted morals and family values.

All politicians are fair game while in the house. Those who leave the public sphere are considered no longer in the public interest so anyone with a guilty conscience should retire gracefully before August 31st.

It will be Available Online, August 31st 2011

Excerpts will follow.


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  • thehoff

    All of the good stuff that the lip-reading analysis of William and Kate’s wedding totally missed:

  • Mr. Infinity


  • I hope this is a joke.
    I don’t give a toss who’s banging whom in or out of parliament. I just want the gutless buggers to get on and do what has to be done.
    Go Don Brash.


  • reid

    A very insightful initial offering from Whaleoil Publishing, Cam.

    Of course I’m not interested in the sex, ahem, to me it’s about character. We’re entitled to know the character of someone who puts themselves up for any public office let alone a national one. The measure of character is not what someone does in public but what they do in private. That tells you who they really are.

    The more information the better on all those aspects with respect to our elected representatives, I say.

    Lest anyone misunderstand, this is not prurience, this is ethics 101.

  • kram

    Is salivating and awaiting the arrival of the good oil.

  • I can thing of at least two Labour MP’s who will not have greeted this announcement with glee.

  • sandynobb

    Screw them before they screw you.

    • Mr. Infinity

      See, that seemed like Hughes plan with the Act staffer…

  • sexybeast

    I remember a certain counsellor based in in Lower Hutt telling me about a politician and a member of his office staff meeting in Australia for sex so they wouldn’t get caught. Just goes to show how little is private these days – so much for duty of care. Obviously the little minx just HAD to tell someone…. Counsellor was in the headlines himself a couple of years later.

    Of course he told me all the juicy details ; ) Looking forward to comparing notes.