Spinning like tops

Labour: Stop Breaking the LawI see that Grant Robertson and Trevor Mallard are trying desperately to spin that the VRWC has helped them get more signs printed.  This is now a concerted campaign to run this line because they’ve been caught with their pants down.

So Labour have broken road safety rules with campaign but they are also in breach of several other laws and by-laws as well.

Despite their brave attempts in the face of utter destruction of their vaunted campaign, I must also point out to Labour – that no matter how many of these illegal signs they print – they cannot erect them – even if they’re not beside a road.


Because most councils have a rule about erecting ‘Vote’ hoardings more than a couple of months out from an election.  The Bay of Plenty is the only council in New Zealand that allows ‘Vote’ hoardings outside of an election period.

So Labour can print as many signs as they like – putting aside the fact that they are ‘illegal’ from a traffic safety point of view – they also can’t be erected anywhere by any of the gullible turkeys who are paying for them.

This is an epic fail as my 14 year old son would say.  Apart from breaking the road rules – they’re also breaking electoral rules.

Then there is the Securities aspect of this case. David Farrar points out that they are essentially running their own Ponzi scheme.

Desperately trying to continue to raise money by getting people to “invest” in an illegal product certainly has all the hallmarks of a ponzi scheme. Perhaps the Securities Commission would investigate the ponzi aspects of the case.

Meanwhile there is a little job for the the Commerce Commission with a clear breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act which states in Section seven:

7 Meaning of acceptable quality

  • (1) For the purposes of section 6, goods are of acceptable quality if they are as—

(a) fit for all the purposes for which goods of the type in question are commonly supplied

These signs are definitely not fit for the purpose they are sold under. They can’t display them near a road and they can’t display them outside an election period, there actually doesn’t seem to be anything they can do with them and so they are unfit for any purpose and in breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Labour seem to be going for the slam dunk and trying to break as many laws as possible with their ill-conceived sign campaign. But wait there’s more as the old infomercials used to say.

Readers may also ecall the huge song and dance Labour made about National supposedly investing in billboards outside the regulated period during the ’05 campaign to avoid the expenditure coming under the spending cap?

This was one of the spurious reasons Labour quoted for imposing the odious and anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act.

This ‘Stop’ campaign makes them total hypocrites as well as law breakers.

I sincerely hope that when a non-English speaking tourist has an accident because of the bogus ‘Stop’ signs – that Labour is prosectuted.  For Labour’s sake I hope the accident isn’t a fatality.


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  • Trevor Mallard

    Direct link for donations http://labour.org.nz/stopsigns

    • Oh, Trevor – being right when everyone else is wrong must be so hard. Go have a weekend off in a bike race somewhere.

    • reid

      Trev what did you guys talk about during the campaign signage risk-management sessions with respect to all this stuff that is now happening about them being a potential killer of people through vehicle accidents caused by some foreigner during the RWC ignoring a real stop sign cause they thought it was one of your fake ones and possible killing or injuring themselves or others?

      Cause that must have been discussed, in your risk-management sessions. I mean, it’s obvious isn’t it.

      I was just wondering how Labour was intending to deal with that if or when it happened, cause it must be a real doozy of a plan. Boy I bet Blue State Digital have something real special for that eventuality.

    • thor42

      Trev – why the f**k would any sane person donate money to your dead-end party when ***YOU*** were responsible for shoveling $36 million of taxpayer’s money to Team New Zealand?
      That’s on top of the $600 million-plus of our money that Michael “Rich Prick” Cullen spent to buy back KiwiRail.
      Mallard – do you REALLY expect people to believe that Labour is frugal with our taxes after that kind of stuff?
      If you do, then that tumble off your bike must have affected you more than you realise.

    • steve

      I signed you up for a donation Trevor, seeing as you think this is a good idea.
      Just need your Visa Card number to complete the transaction. Just post it here, nobody else will use it

    • grizz

      I put that down as you taking the piss!

      P.S. I still think you are nothing more than a scaremongering Bullshitter. You walk backwards, eat from your arse and shit comes out your mouth. Good luck with those donations Trev.

  • Trevor “Ponzi” Mallard; sheesh; even on Good Friday he’s touting for business. I thought that the Left wanted people to rest today Trevor!

  • Doug

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.

  • hagues

    I note on the Labour site Trev deleted someone’s comment as it promoted Act, yet here he is posting links to Labour’s campaign – Hypocrite!

    • Trevor Mallard is a hypocrite? No; surely you’re mistaken ;-)

  • Perhaps some of WO’s readers could help out the poor unfortunates who have paid up good money for these worthless signs find a use for them. They could have another purpose like scooping leaves out of gutters or removing dog crap off the lawn.

  • Doug

    hagues this was the deleted post.

    Conceived by the Act on Campus team the best yet?
    Makes the association with Labour and New Zealand First.


    From Keeping Stock.

  • Shit; it was one of my comments that got deleted! Heck; that’s a different matter all over again; this is WAR!!

  • cadwallader

    NOTHING about the Labour Party satisfies the test of “acceptable quality!”

    • thor42

      Well…. there’s *one* thing that the Labour Party could be good for.
      Fertiliser for the roses…….

  • grizz

    Perhaps that ACT on Campus should have three words. In no Particular order: Winston, Off, Fuck