Still Helping Labour

Labour’s “Stop” campaign is taking a bit of a hammering. Remember to download an image and change your Facebook profile picutre and then Like their Facebook page. They can’t remove people who like their page, though they have been removing images that have been uploaded.

Screenshots are your friend though.
Labour STOP campaign hijacked

Here are some more examples for you to use.

Labour: Borrow and Hope

Rooting for Palmerston NorthStop Mad RootersSelf Serving unionists

Tax and SpendLabour: Rooting for Napier


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  • Oh dear; how sad; never mind. Labour should have seen the writing on the wall when the VRWC took down the PSA’s “Nice to have …” campaign a couple of weeks ago.

  • monty

    I suggest saving all these (and the prior “stop” signs to the photo albums so that all friends can also enjoy the same pictures in one place.

    A couple more
    Stop Pinkos
    Corrupt Pollies

  • steve

    Will all of the grubby little Unionists be protesting over Easter? Max exposure with all of that traffic. Who will lead the charge to disrupt the public traveling?
    Trevor, you cock, how come so many signs in your neck of the woods? You taught your supporters to break the Law? Change the Law when you win – hahahahaha!