Thanks MMP

So Hone is going to resign and force a by-election, and he announced his party and list of fellow travelers today.

Hone Harawira has sent a bill of more than $500,000 tot he government so he can prove a point. Think how many homes in Te Tai Tokerau could have had their insulation upgraded for that amount. How many stop smoking campaigns that Hone Harawira bangs on about endlessly could have been run in Te Tai Tokerau for $500,000. How many food parcels and emergency grants could maori in Te Tai Tokerau have availed themselves of for $500,000.

As is usual with socialists they think of themselves first before anyone else.

If the Maori Party were smart they would not stand anyone in the by-election and help Kelvin Davis win the seat. Same goes for National. They should all get together and run anyone but Hone campaign and make the anyone Kelvin Davis.

The so-called Mana party are nothing nothing short of a collection of un-reconstituted communists, anarchists, racist loonies that appeal to people like that awful Bomber Bradbury. They are not even remotely close in actions to the name of their party.

Thanks MMP: Reject MMP


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  • jabba

    as I said on Kblog, I had an orgasm when I heard that Hatfield was resigning to force a bi election. If the other racist party don’t compete, then it’s down to the Mofo Party V Labour .. a no contest NOT because the Mofo Party has a dead set mandate but because the Labour Party are a dead duck

  • dave

    Youve called this “thanks MMP”. Whats MMP got to do with Hone calling a by-election?

    • shazzadude

      Hone Harawira is in parliament because of FPP. If anything, if you’re not a supporter of Hone Harawira this is an advertisement against FPP or SM, given that either system would give Hone Harawira more power.

    • grizz

      Its the bigger picture beyond the bielection. Under MMP, if Hone won his seat, then if the Mofo party won say 3% of the vote, then we could see some of those nutters pictured in Parliament, even if those individuals were resolutely rejected in their electorate seats, if they even bothered to stand for one at all.

  • monty

    Hell I would support Kelvin Davis. Anything to make John Hatfields hate based MF Party the shortest lived in history. Every resource shauld be utilized to get NZ rid of that sack of Shit racist.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Hone’s nothing to do with MMP. He’s an electorate MP who won his seat under first past the post.

    Getting rid of MMP would also increase the number of Maori electorates, under FPP, PV or STV to probably 13, and under SM to at least 9 and likely to 10.

    • reid

      Get­ting rid of MMP would also increase the num­ber of Maori elec­torates


      • shazzadude

        There is the possibility that Maori upon recognising that they could gain more power under FPP a a result of all the minor party competition being eliminated for a Maori Party, would then jump over en masse to the Maori roll. There apparently exists the potential for up to 23 Maori seats if all Maori were on the Maori roll, so an increase to 10 seats wouldn’t be crazy.

      • Graeme Edgeler

        Under MMP at the moment there are 70 electorates. Because of the number of people on the Maori roll, 7 of these (10%) are Maori electorates.

        If we increase the number of electorates to 120 (which is what happens if we adopt FPP, PV of STV), then the number of Maori electorates rises proportionally. This is to at least 12, but they would be perilously close to the 12.5 seats needed to get rounded up to 13 seats, and this would probably happen (at present it’s being rounded down to 7 seats from the 7.25 seats the number of Maori roll enrolees would allow).

        SM has 90 electorates, so while it would go up, it wouldn’t go up by as much.

      • reid

        Thank you both, most appreciated.

  • thor42

    Fuck the Mana Party. They’ll be a party of the biggest losers in the country – even bigger losers than the Labour Party.
    The party of no-hopers, bludgers and ignorant pricks.
    When they say that “the Government should give the no-hopers more money”, what they are REALLY saying is that “**other people** (i.e. other taxpayers) should give us more money.” In other words, they are a bunch of lazy, ignorant, whining selfish pricks.
    There is some good news though. This new party should split the leftie vote a bit, siphoning off votes from Labour.

  • bigkev

    mana party, how original
    boy i better not hear the ” white mans govt never does anything for maori” again
    i hope he looses it’ll be half mil well spent

  • alien

    hone. u have a new party . cool bro
    who is going to vote for you ,oh that’s right. left wing wiggers on and whiners ,bros for the maori cause … no one else ..and then make the taxpayer pay for a bye election. priceless . how to win friends…..mate…..loser big time

  • cadwallader

    Why are these candidates so sexy?

  • harris

    Bill English says “Hone’s decision is really no problem at all. The week of the by-election we’ll just borrow $300,500,000”.

  • ratchet

    Out of morbid curiosity I had a read of the Standard post detailing Mana’s “policies”

    There’s another part of my life I won’t get back.

    Now, I do see some of the posts here getting a little vitriolic, but nothing I’ve seen even comes close to the poison being spewed forth by one-eyed idiots supporting the radical idiot party (Yes, RIP, Hone. Suits well?) – even attacking people who support the idea, but commented on McCarten being a part of it all (how can UNITE expect the ‘rick pricks’ to pay more taxes when they don’t pay their own?)

    Wouldn’t worry about Minto too much though, one of these days he’ll yell into his loudhailer so hard he pops a blood vessel and drops dead. (Can but hope)

  • grasshopper

    Looks like we have got an interesting senario arising we have White Power on one side of the coin we have Dr Brash, Johnnie Banks and Rodney Hide, on the other side of the coin we have Indigenous Power with Hone Harawira and Annette Sykes.

    At least MMP lets all people of various races and creeds have a say. It’s whats called democracy I guess.

    How many seats will the Chinese Party have in the next election and how many will they have in 20-50 years time.

  • sexybeast

    I enjoyed Hone when he wasn’t being a dickhead. Now he gets back at the Maori party (Maori’s best chance of having a voice in parliment once Brash insists on getting rid of the Maori seats) by splitting the vote and wasting money. What a loser.

  • titanuranus

    With a sexy bitch like Sue on his ticket,he can`t lose.

  • Mr. Infinity

    Why don’t they just call themselves the NZCP and get it over with?

    • Maoist or Stalinist? Or are they the Trots, because they give them to me.

  • jamegumb

    Hey Hey, Hey Ho, Hit me softly, Hit me quick, Hit me with the MINTO STICK!

  • Edgar Varese


    (verb) (-a,-tia) to plunder, acquire wrongfully. Ka rere a Ruawharo rāua ko Tūpai ki roto o te kupenga ki te hone i ngā ika pūwharu mā rāua (W wh58).Ruawharo and Tūpai swam into the net and stole the choicest fish for themselves.

    Fits well