The composure of the man

John Key is a man of composure. He must be to pose for hundreds of photos and maintain the same smile and composure in all of them. Below is a composite of a whole hep of photos taken at the Young Nats ball that raised $10,000 for Christchurch.

John Key a man of composure


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  • Ciaron

    You get that with a cardboard cut out… :p

    • It looks like a waxwork dummy. Madame Tussaud has been working overtime.

  • kehua

    You are a clever [bugger oops!] bloke ,are you not?

  • bunswalla

    My epileptic fit has nearly passed, I should be all right in a bit. Cheers for that.

  • alwyn

    Amazing how well John’s Botox injections have worked isn’t it?

  • Mr. Infinity

    The right always seems to have a better looking constituency.

  • alchemyst

    I wonder where the knife is being put with all this smiling – what a turkey!

  • arnold

    can you slow it down whale…looks like some good looking chicks….

  • mediatart

    Was that someone wearing camoflage greens ?
    No, dont slow it down, the eye only picks the better looking ones that way.
    Lets say the ‘policy wonks’ are better known for the logic of their arguements