The "Naive Pacifism" of TVNZ

This morning on TVNZ Breakfast Corin Dann was following the company line and trying to beat up on our fine troops in the SAS after they sent a message to the Taliban not to mess with our boys.

He got his arse handed to him by the nice chap from Waikato University, Ron Smith, when he described his attitude as “naive pacifism” and then set about dismantling the spin of TVNZ. It was a pleasure to behold.

Smith said the action achieved the aims the SAS are tasked to do.

“It seems very appropriate – they’re killing Taliban and they improved security for our provincial reconstruction force.”

He said the operation was an example of the duties the armed forces are expected to do, and people should not be surprised.

“We know there are bad guys out there and they’re trying to kill us but we’re not entirely happy about killing them,” he said.

He said Kiwis want the end result of protecting people but are a bit ‘iffy’ about the means of doing it.

“We’re a bit bashful about these sort of things, there’s sort of a naive pacifism in this country.

“What we’re trying to do is support the Afghan government by dealing with a group of people whose main way of operating is killing civilians.

“Why are we being a bit iffy? It’s a good thing they were killed, I hope there’s more!”

Brilliant stuff!

Of course the huge irony in all of this is that Corin Dann was sitting there with an ANZAC poppy on. One wonders how he thinks Sir Charles Upham won his VC and Bar. It sure as hell wasn’t by giving German troops a cup of coca and bit of a hug. He won those awards through incredible bravery attacking the enemy and killing them. That is what soldiers do and our soldiers are particularly good at what they do, which is destroy the enemy.

If we unleashed the SAS and our troops a bit more I think we might find that the Taliban will get a whole lot smaller.

TVNZ’s “naive pacifism” is laughable. First Guyon Espiner looks like a tool and now Corin Dann. The pinkos got upset when Paul Henry told the truth, they should really be upset that our presenters are such woofters when reporting about how our troops dealt to some terrorist scum. They should be congratulating our troops for bringing the fight to the enemy not criticising them. If they want to wear an ANZAC poppy then they should stop with the abuse of our troops.


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  • alex Masterley

    Many years ago Ron coached me when I played for Waikato Unicol AFC.
    He’s a good guy. Knows his stuff.
    Has a great way with words as Dann found out this morning.

  • thor42

    TVNZ are as bad as the f**king BBC, who should be renamed the DBC – the Dhimmi Broadcasting Corporation.

  • grizz

    Charles Upham, may he rest in peace. He is often the forgotten hero of NZ, but many pinkos forget that he was one of the few great people that stood out in World War Two to save the world from being ruled by tyrannical despots. He single handedly took on entire enemy units to save his own men from death. On earning his bar, he was wounded and taken prisoner. Once liberated towards the end of the war, he was not finished, but took up arms again and went out hunting Germans. He was the type of guy who had the vigour to stand up to the enemy and keep going until the job was done. When thinking of great New Zealanders people think of the likes of Hilary, Fred Hollows etc. However we overlook great individuals like Upham and Bernard Freyberg (How many other GGs can say they earnt a VC) because of the same naiveity that Corin Dann displays. It is Shameful. Many of us do not even know why we wear poppies on ANZAC day.

    Of interest, only 3 people have earned (they are never won) a VC and Bar. Upham was the only combat soldier of these three. The other 2 were medics. Given that a large proportion of VCs are earnt in the process of being killed themselves, Charles Upham’s achievements were remarkable. Nowdays close contact with the enemy is so rare the chances of earning a VC is remote.

    Put the shoe on the other foot. If there were terrorist terrorising honest civillians in NZ and hung out in the Uruweras, I am sure most of us would welcome SAS troops to go in and ruthlessly take them out before they can harm any more people. Lets say our SAS troops were stretched, I am sure we would welcome foreign soldiers to come in and help keep the peace so that our government could effectively govern. We criticise from our armchairs half a world away, but many forget the plight of the average Afghan citizen who have to somehow manage a living in a war-torn countryside, living in constant fear of being killed on a whim.

    • thor42

      Well said, grizz. I completely agree.

  • gazzaw

    If Espiner’s Q&A interview with Mapp has already been recorded Holmes is stuck with a situation where public opinion is starting to run against Espiner over the SAS exploits and it could all well turn to custard for Q&A. A ‘must watch’ on Sunday to see how it all pans out.

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  • raider580

    Alfred Hulme shot twenty eight individual Germans on Crete, They would be calling for charges of murder for him today.
    He might have liked your new rifle Whale ,got himself a few extra Deer.

  • mediatart

    Labour had the SAS in a combat role a few years back. Key made that a ‘training ‘ role in Kabul. It was very specific and only after pressure from the US.

    Why didnt Key make that a combat role in Bamiyan to protect the PRT?

    Back in 2009 Gower ( in the Herald) had this article

    Key says SAS training role avoids battlefield danger

  • cadwallader

    I don’t think they are naive at all. I think they are knowingly hypocritical and that they deliberately play up to non-thinking losers. How anyone can watch their tripe escapes me. I gave up on TV “news” (read magazine style shit!) years ago.

  • topbloke

    Grizz you can add Keith Park to that list as well.
    I will always remember the day in 1968 looking through the Guinness Book of Records and seeing the pic of Capt Upham and reading of VC and bar. Even as nipper I felt huge pride.
    These fellows are the true heroes of this country

  • rfdunedin

    Cannot but agree totally with your comments and th ose by Ron Smith of Waikato University.

    Compunded last evening (Thursday) by the ‘cheek’ of ONE News claiming that they ‘revealed’ the story on Wednesday when TV3 News – which I had watched that evening – had also carried it! As I understand it the source (to all media) was the Ministry of Defence. This ‘habit’ of false ‘oneupmanship’ is becoming a bit too frequent.

    • mediatart

      TV3 got their story by ‘watching TV1’. .
      They ran their storey after TV1 and basically had the reporter ‘live’ sitting at a desk. Of course they had just seen it on TV1, who of course had an interview with Mapp to run with the story

  • pita

    but suggesting SAS “hunted down” New Zealand soldiers killer, linked together two coincidental events to create a headline.