The party is in good hands Comrade

When My Lit­tle Pony goes on vacation, she likes to spend time with the gang at the International Union of Socialist Youth. They go to holiday hotspots like Hungary together. She was an MP at this time so I presume we paid for this.

In 2009, it appears that IUSY festival speakers were dared to inconspicuously insert the word “comrade” into their speeches. And Jacinda Ardern totally monstered her competition, achieving around two ‘comrades’ a minute, 1 every 33 seconds, or 23 times in the 13 minutes she was on stage. The adoring disciples lapped it up though I do have to wonder at what she is wearing at the opening address.


Now for the “Comrade” speech.


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  • stroker08

    She scares me. I dare not look in the mirror and say “Jacinda” three times in the fear she will materialise from thin air and convery me to socialism. No amount of garlic and wooden stakes will ward of this demon.

  • chiefsfan73

    Crisis of ideology is dead right. The Climate Change nutjob line which is seeing a reduction in food production to divert resources to biofuel, will see only more of the so called poverty sticken, to be worse of.
    I note at 2:47 that there is of course someone has to be blamed for the fact that so many are in poverty. Poverty the left have never, no matter how long they are in power ever addressed. Simply taking middle money from middle and upper class taxpayers simply to make them poor, is not the answer, though thats all they ever do.

  • tooright

    Is that a costume from the Rocky Horror Show?

  • reid

    It’s interesting isn’t it to expose the lefty undercurrents that subtly sweep the world: “comrades, solidarity, etc”

    Shocking really, how they twist people and make them think it’s about “the struggle” when it’s not really about that at all, it’s about venal power, but unfortunately, only for those few who are telling the rest it’s about “social justice, inequality, injustice, peace, climate change…”

    If Darren was Hulun’s son, I think Jacinda is her daughter.

    I’m going to watch her quite carefully the first time she gets any real power whatsoever.

  • letsgetpositive

    Yeah not surprised the Labour party is a weird crowd, gays – communists – etc. Its a party where the country drags along whilst its comrades try and dig their heals in. Lets hope they are a no show in the next election, although the Nats aren’t much of an improvement!