The Secret Mayor

Len Brown is the Secret Mayor. He didn’t want anyone to know who he had dinner with and fought for 8 months all the way to the Ombudsman. He lost that fight. He wanted board appointments held in secret so he could put his mates on the board unchallenged. And now he has fought an attempt to have the business of the Maori Statutory Authority conducted with openness and transparency.

Secrecy surrounds a new funding plan for the Maori Statutory Board after Mayor Len Brown yesterday crushed a move by many councillors for an open debate on the issue.

Mr Brown, who campaigned last year on openness and transparency, did not want councillors speaking publicly about one of the biggest embarrassments of his six months in the Super City hot seat.

He gathered 11 votes, just enough to stop nine councillors who wanted to debate the council’s new negotiating position with the board in public.

Said councillor Cathy Casey: “It is time to speak out, say what you think and own your words.”

9 Councillors voted for openness. They were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Christine Fletcher, Mike Lee, Callum Penrose, Sharon Stewart, Des Morrison, John Walker and George Wood. They can hold their heads high.

The other 11 – Len Brown, Wayne Walker, Michael Goudie, Arthur Anae, Alf Filipaina, Richard Northey, Anne Hartley, Penny Webster, Sandra Coney, Penny Hulse, and Noelene Raffils need to be drummed out of the council for letting down their people.

Len Brown sat on a train and campaigned for openness and transparency. He promised “open books”. He has lied to Aucklanders. This discussion is about the budget of the Maori Statutory Board, if that isn’t part of the books then what on earth is?

Aucklanders know now that Len Brown prefers the shadows, back-room deals and weasel words. He has the spine of a jellyfish and the gumption of a fart. It is unacceptable that discussions about spending ratepayers money are held in secret.

We deserve better.



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  • whafe

    Cam – indeed Aucklanders deserve better, but it was the majority of Aucklanders that voted this fuck chop in as the Super City Mayor…. Did they not realise that he is a super left slanting bullshitter? Aucklanders should realise that they were given 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason…

    Am certain he will be out on his ass after one term….

  • gazzaw

    Brisbane has Graham Quirk, London has Boris Johnson and we end up with a halfarsed apology and a bunch of eleven (dare I say a gaggle) self seeking sycophants who believe that ratepayers are not entitled to know what has been done with their money.
    Cam, do we heve to put up with him for a full term? Can your legal buddies advise what processes are available to have him replaced. No confidence? Impeachment?

  • arnie

    And is not Penny Webster a complete hypocrite after spending her life asking for “open honest” Politics gets there and closes open politics down, why is she there????

  • paulus12

    Auckland ratepayers have got what they deserve, and voted for.

    Pity the rest of the country have to see this kind of corrupt behaviour from the countries largest city. What an example.

    • gazzaw

      Paulus, whilst I agree that the ratepayers have got what they deserved it was more a case of what they didn’t vote for. Complacency by the Right gave lennie and his comrades the job by default.

    • steve

      The fact that the Right were complacent and gave Brown the job by default is not an excuse for the corruption.
      Hey, the more money Len wastes in Auckland means the less the rest of NZ gets. There is only a certain amount of money available for taxes so Len already knows he is on his arse. Why else hold secret meetings?

  • gaskranken

    Sandra Coney voting for secrecy? Didn’t she once rail against old white men in white coats doing secret experiments with wimmins health?

    Now she’s in the same closet with them – what a two faced stupid bitch, just like all the other snout troughers after all eh?

    Principles – sold out for a seat at the trough eh Sandra or is it the Coney of silence?

  • titan

    C&R needs to take a good look at itself next time. Infighting amongst the right and incompetent campaigning by the spin doctors behind John Banks left the majority of Auckland rushing to the left (despite their incompetency).