Tizard not coming back

Judith Tizard has announced on Q+A that she isn’t coming back. The threat of the Tizard Effect proves too much for Labour as they bully and cajole Tizard into standing aside. SHe has even accused Phil Goff of being a bully.

Instead of MMP delivering us the rightful person to parliament we now get the unedifying spectre of watching Labour manipulate the list so that 5 other people with more claim legally to a place in parliament get spiked so Louisa Wall can make her way back into parliament.

Tizard though has gone out with a bang accusing pretty much everyone, me included, of being bullies.

The lsit is perhaps the worst aspect of MMP and we can now all see why. Labour will now cynically manipulate the list and 5 people they told us were better than Louisa Wall will have to take one for team.

This is precisely why MMP needs to go and you should choose to Reject MMP in the referendum on November 26.


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  • kevin

    She certainly didn’t offer a ringing endorsement of the labour party hierarchy. Quite an entertaining interview all the same. Showed labour as we know they are.

  • cadwallader

    The Labour list is so dreadful it is difficult to conceive whether Tizard or one of the others is relevant. The Labour list is akin to a septic tank which requires urgent maintenance.

  • cadwallader

    A thought: Has Tizard done a “Casey” and tipped the bully on his head?
    First it needs to be seen who the bully is. I suggest Goff.
    Goff too, will learn as did Casey’s bully.
    But unlike Casey was Tizard actually bullied? I imagine Labour will need to scratch around for a job for Tizard to keep her away from the hustings in November. That will take some bullying.

  • kehua

    Bye Judith. Whats the Gen on the Labour Party Pres, Cam ? Great to see another no-nonsense interview with Judith Collins. Off topic Cam but has anyone heard where and what Ron Marks is up to?

  • What Labour is doing is a far worse abuse of MMP and of the party lists than what the Greens did in 2008. If ever the anti-MMP campaign needed ammunition, Andrew Little and Phil Goff have provided it.

  • grizz

    For an electoral system I have started to see the benefits of STV. I suggest people look at the latest Irish election to see how this works. I acknowledge that it is by no means perfect. There is fine detail which varies between STV systems and the Mathematics gets complicated (which I see as being a problem for many NZers). However my biggest concern for STV relates to bi-elections. Can anyone give examples of how STV replaces candidates that leave midterm in a way that is acceptable accross the political spectrum?