Trotter endorses David Parker

Chris Trotter has a very good post ridiculing Phil Goff and endorsing David Parker to lead Labour.

True heroes are distinguished as much for their moral courage as their physical bravery. Indeed, on the battlefields of politics it is the exercise of moral authority that separates the truly strong leader from his or her merely tough and/or clever rivals.

It is precisely in this regard: in the exercise of sound ethical judgement and the unflinching demonstration of the Leader of the Opposition’s moral authority; that Phil Goff has so consistently fallen short throughout the Darren Hughes controversy.

Chris Trotter has clearly run out of patience for Phil Goff. But who should replace him?

The experience of Opposition is there for aspiring prime ministers to demonstrate to the electorate that they have the right stuff to do the job. That, faced with the choice between being loyal to a friend and faithful to the principles of sound political management, they possess the courage to choose ethics over friendship. For leadership is a lonely calling, and since only one head at a time may wear the crown, a leader’s head should be both good and wise.

Is there a head on Labour’s front bench better and wiser than Mr Goff’s? Is there someone who has felt the hot blast of scandal on his face and possessed the moral courage to take the Westminster tradition of ministerial responsibility seriously? Someone willing to stand alongside the ordinary New Zealanders who are Labour’s core constituency? Someone with the guts and the smarts to come up with policies that will give them a fighting chance?

Yes, there is.

He doesn’t look very heroic. I doubt he owns a motorbike. But I believe, given the opportunity, he could make a real contest of this election.

His name is David Parker.

If Chris Trotter is writing endorsements then Phil Goff really can’t rely on his caucus for anything other than a back full of knives. I suspect though that Chris Trotter is talking to an empty room given the cowardice of Labour’s caucus.



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  • tonyjoe

    I don’t like Trotter’s politics, but I love his turn of phrase. Bloody well written.

  • reid

    I agree tj but he’s quite deluded. Mallard is the only choice, not Parker.

    I sus­pect though that Chris Trot­ter is talk­ing to an empty room given the cow­ardice of Labour’s caucus.

    Yep this caucus is sure gutless alrighty, yes sirree.

    What a bunch of utter plonkers they are, doing this about the leadership PLUS the Tizard End-Play, AT THE SAME TIME in an election year. I mean, they are mental, right? What they’re doing, is fucking nuts, if you want a good outcome in November, isn’t it?

    Why Timmy, yes, it is.

    Fuck this is funny. I can’t stop smiling and whistling

  • deputy

    As long as Trotter slags off Goff and causes infighting amongst the Labour red shirts, John Key can continue picking up the pieces after 9 years of rape and pillage by the forces of evil.

  • sandynobb

    Seriously – David Parker?! If he is Labour’s saviour, then Trotter really is bottom-feeding. I guess that Parker’s stellar, anti-heroic qualities are that he is straight and a male. Are those the tests for Trotter’s ‘Waitakere man’? Trotter may as well try and raise Norm Kirk from the grave to lead the rabble of zombies that is Labour.

  • A question Whale….suppose for a ghastly moment that after this years election the Greens, Labour & NZ First were in a position to form a coalition. Peter’s price would be a shitload of baubles if this were to happen.

    Would Labour in it’s present form be sufficiently venal to allow Winston to become Prime Minister?

  • mediatart

    Trotter was raving about Waitakere man a year ago , which meant Labour had left the self employed tradesman behind.
    Then he says what about the beneficiaries when complaining about Darren Hughes saga taking up labours time. So I suppose Waitakere man has been sent packing.

    But now he lauds Parker , the epitome of the university elite , who supposedly had taken over labour along with the feminists and gays and pushed aside the genuine working class, cousins of waitakere man.

    Could Trotter be fucked in the head……no.. thats too grand , hes just a grumpy ignored old man

    • abjv

      With Labour going into the election cycle looking like they’ve already accepted defeat, Waitakere man, the genuine working class, the downtrodden of society etc aren’t going to get any relief any time soon. john Key made the right noises early on, but we haven’t seen him “walk the walk” on this recently.

      Regardless of whether or not you think Phil is the man and Parker is a stuffed university shirt, Labour has to start getting hits. Little is going to happen politically while the RWC is going on. Leaving the run until after is too late for your side, and maybe a third of your MPs, particularly if NZ wins the thing. Unless the grand plan is to be a junior coalition partner for a Winston First-Greens coalition, or sitting on the cross-benches appeals.

      Tart – I implored you earlier this week if you have any influence at all, Labour needs to find leadership capable of getting its message across, and soon, or National may end up with an absolute majority by itself, with the outside possibility of Winston (asleep until close to the 2014 election) as Leader of the Opposition (is iPredict offering odds on that??). Then there is no-one to restrain the Bill and Gerry team.

      Don’t take it as personal criticism; it isn’t, and I’m not the target here. Your side has to find a way of getting traction and gaining relevancy in the eyes of the electorate. There are about twelve weeks left to do this, or a number of your MPs are heading to premature retirement and Winston is on his way back (and I don’t think anyone actually wants that to happen).

  • Doug

    Mediatart you made a mistake, replace the name Trotter with Goff, and you would be on the monney.

    Could Trot­ter be fucked in the head……no.. thats too grand , hes just a grumpy ignored old man.

  • Doug

    I could be fucked in the head. But i don’t want to be Prime Minster, so I have an excuse.
    Monney = Money.

  • Mr. Infinity

    I know an old couple who are hardcore, lifelong, Labour partisans. They’ve been supporting them so long that they can remember when it was actually about the working class and not about progressivism, lesbians and feminism. Even they admit Goff’s not the man for the job. Anyone is better than Goff. But as a rightie, I’m over the moon he’s staying.

    And I’ll state it here. Key’s changed things, it’s presidential style races while he’s in and it’s pretty obvious Parker can’t beat Key.

  • cadwallader

    Parker must cut a majestic figure as he strides across the political landscape. I can honestly say I’d never heard of him until after Darren shot his bolt. Was Parker a one-time test cricketer?

  • deputy

    Now that Goff has the “support” of his motley crew I hope they enjoy their diet of dead rats until he stuffs up again. I give it 2 days max !!!

    What a line up in Dunedin. All teeth and smiles. Just like nodding dogs.