Trust us we are politicians

As Labour starts their electoral rort of MMP in order to get Louisa Wall into parliament we are going to hear lots from their apologists and politicians explaining that what they are doing is just a quirk of the system, and that we can reform MMP.

Essentially they are saying that they are politicians and we should trust them.

Well they are wrong. The whole premise behind MMP was to give more power to the voters. Systematically successive governments ignored the people and they used MMP to do it.

The best and only way to reform MMP is to remove it.

Trust Politicians? Reject MMP


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  • MMP is not working as hoped for. Supposing that the referendum (which politicians seem to ignore at their convenience) gives it the boot……what eventually replaces it?

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    The best tweak to the system is that electorate Candidates should not be allowed on the list, and vice versa,

    • abjv

      and if a list MP resigns or wins an electorate seat, they don’t get replaced. Removes the present problem of parties having to put inept MPs on the list (the JBomb effect and the collection following them) as it removes the ability to pressure an existing inept list MP to resign so the one next on the list can come in.