Txts from New York

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Txts from New York - Helen chats with Andrew


Txts from New York - Helen chats with Andrew


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  • roger

    cam you are overdoing it, bias showing do a hone key effort, nah the money market smiling assassin, policy to get NEW ZEALAND moving is to sack ,close down,downsize sell to keys mates,Cam key has No idea how to get NZ working ,hes just a grinning one act pony and sigh(silly me)i thought he was the man but fuck dip shit english really runs the dog ,pony and pig show sigh do a hone key txt to english how hes rooting us and enjoying it

    • trevormallardsucksmyballs

      See kids – thats why an education is important. Else you end up writing messages that make you look like and oxygen starved monkey.

  • cadwallader

    It seems Roger is Rogered!

  • roger

    trevormallardsucksmyballs April 1, 2011 at 3:56 pm
    See kids – thats why an edu­ca­tion is impor­tant. Else you end up writ­ing mes­sages that make you look like and????(WTF) oxy­gen starved monkey.

    Cams trying his best, (um are your balls salty)

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    ahh Roger, I was referring to your good self (but you knew that).

    When you are worthy to suck my balls you will find out for yourself – until then its a secret.

  • roger

    See kids – thats why an edu­ca­tion is impor­tant. Else you end up writ­ing mes­sages that make you look like and * oxy­gen starved monkey. *hint children

    Spot the mistake children LOOK CLOSELY this person supports national opps national monkeys in the one act national party line , close down sell privatise, HAVE NO IDEAS i really do mean,HAVE NO IDEAS, sell NZ,tender NZ to the lowest tender, give national MPS huge wage increases to cover the stress of their stupitity but hone key has a nice $50000000 plus more now smile

    • titanuranus

      So Rog,Labour didn`t sell any of the silver off?
      My what a short selective memory you snivelling pinky twats have.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    Btw – here are some full stops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . feel free to use them in your post. It breaks all the words up into what grownups call sentences.

    As a leftie – it is possible you cannot afford a keyboard with full stops. In this case please feel free to use the cut / paste option. Here is a guide to help you know when to use them.


    Good luck – you can do it!

  • roger

    Trev have a great weekend ,im NOT being nasty Not being abusive and i dont really think im a lefty, so mate have a great weekend till next time so we can wear our keyboards out CHEERS and Cam go and fire some black powder pistols, real men go thru the ritual ,I have in Wellington at the pistal range, ,a mates into pistols and is trying to convert me. * *FULLSTOP

    • zork


  • roger

    at the pistal*range, ‚a mates into pis­tols and is try­ing to con­vert me.* pistol sorry

  • Mr. Infinity

    Anyone who doesn’t support National or Act is a leftie, Roger.

    Anyone who prefers Labour to anything, is a lefite.

    • Sorry Mr. Infinity but I can’t let that one slide. Are you implying that people who *do* support National or ACT are not lefties? Really? The current government is about the width of a bee’s dick to the right of the former labour government. They are just as much big-government loving, statist socialist suckholes as their predecessors.

      The mistake Kiwis made is thinking they were anything but. Of course, if a true centre-right government were ever to be elected in New Zealand the unions, beneficiaries and communists hiding there would all spontaneously explode from the apoplexy.

      • But to the original point of the post, Cam this series if bloody funny. I’m glad there’s so much material to draw from!