Wellington Central Selection Update

As predicted by this blog Paul Foster-Bell won the Wellington Central selection. He probably fits well with the people in Wellington Central (an euphemism for being totally out of touch with the rest of New Zealand and on the pinko side of the political spectrum, if you are to believe the Herald.

Of English, Scots and Maori descent, Foster-Bell said he is interested in heritage preservation and environmental issues.

Paul is unlikely to trouble Grant Robertson, and if he makes caucus through the list it will be interesting to see how he deals with proper fiscal conservatives that want to clamp down on government waste.


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  • cadwallader

    Is Foster-Bell a brother to Tinker-Bell?

  • peterwn

    Wellington is not Auckland. If an allegedly ‘pinko’ candidate can deliver more party vote than an Auckland style ‘right wing’ candidate then so be it. A candidate, even in a ‘hopeless’ electorate is worth his or her weight in gold if he or she can get that all-important party vote up. Anyway, at present, Grant Robertson would have great difficulty soaring like an eagle when among a gaggle of turkeys.

  • politicallydistraught

    Evidently not the best pick. I hear that the better choice was forced to drop his application for the nomination. Maybe thats why WC belongs to Labour. Seems like National is not serious about the electorate and it shows in the dwindling membership.