Why can't Goff say something like this?

There is a lot to admire in Julia Gillard even if no-one is quite sure if she is real Julia or fake Julia on any given day.

”Every Australian should pull his or her own weight,” Ms Gillard told the Sydney Institute last night. ”It’s not fair for taxpayers to pay for someone who can support themselves.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear someone on the left say this about New Zealand instead of their usual whinging and whining about poor people not getting enough money to survive on.

If Goff is going to win back Chris Trotter’s Waitakere Man then he is going to need a policy that talks about “rewarding those that work harder not those who complain the most”, another great Julia Gillard policy.


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  • Doug

    Phil will have a short leach on him now; he won’t be able to say anything without the approval of Little Andy. His hands will be tied; all the Unionists and Gays will make sure of that.

    • michaels

      Talking about Little Andrew…..
      Here we have a little man who hopes to win a seat to take him into a lifetime of bludgeness, and when he fails there he will be rewarded with a scum list seat anyway.
      So in the meantime he is a no-body.
      So why do the media keep interviewing him?
      Strange I say.

  • michaels

    Oh FFS Whale. Every so often you really piss me off.
    Please tell me, what the fuck would the left do if they didn’t do the whinging and whining?

    It’s what a gaggle of gays do!! fucking old woman!!!
    And the unionists love a good bitch!!

  • raider580

    Sorry Whale there is nothing to admire about Juliar. This is the pretend Im a social conservative Julia. She wont actually do anything about bludgers.

  • chiefsfan73

    Sorry Whale, agree with raider580. Not a single redeeming feature in the woman. “There will be no Carbon Tax under a govt I lead”, Whoops now we are going to have one come hell or high water.
    She even resorted to lying by trying to deny she said any such thing. Even when it was on public record.