Why National need Don Brash onside

Following on from my earlier analysis National need to be very careful with how they handle Don Brash and ACT. After the election Don is almost certain to have the balance of power, so annoying him is a really not very bright. Petty jealousy and stupidity like we saw earlier this week from Acting Prime Minister Bill English is not going to help, as it will just alienate many of the people that deserted National in 2002 when Bill lead the party to its humiliating defeat.

Long term the support of the Maori Party is an extremely risky strategy. John Key’s faustian pact has pissed off a large number of National Party members, plus all the voters who swung in behind National after Don Brash’s Orewa Speech. National membership has tanked in many electorates over the seabed and foreshore, and this could well translate into a lot of Party Votes for ACT.

Brash can be expect to bring a Tony Abbott like approach to the election campaign. Everyone will know what he stands for, and like him or loathe him there will be no doubt. He will put pressure on all other political parties because of his clear principles. Fuzzy slogans like “building a brighter future” now come into question because of the sharp focus Don will bring to the right of the spectrum.

National’s problems are not confined to the party vote. Electorates that were safe National when Rodney was leader now could have an ACT candidate running, splitting the vote on the right. This happened in Waimakariri in 2008 where Aaron Keown got 1700 votes and kept Kate Wilkinson from winning a very blue seat. Before readers jump on the “Party Vote that Counts” bandwagon, electorate MPs have twice the resources as scum list MPs and more than four times the mana.

National are fortunate in Labour being so weak they cannot really compete in the center ground. This means National can stay firmly sitting in the middle and let Don take the right wing votes. A strong ACT party, matched with a strong National Party means no selling souls to the devil and selling out to the Maori Party.

The crazy thing about how the last few weeks have played out is that if National had have thought this through they would have made Don an offer he couldn’t refuse after 2008 election. Instead they shunned him, with sources inside the Beehive suggesting Bill English and Simon Power are the ones who need to be put up against a wall and shot for making such a strategically damaging decision.

Someone in National needs to be reaching out to Don immediately, offering him support and working out an agreement between the two parties. If not National run the risk of losing electorate seats with ACT splitting the Party Vote.


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  • roger

    Don the OLD man , dont get excited this old tossier could die tomorrow. Some good tunes at this old bonkers funeral, (i did it my way, don the knife) fuck older than sin brash IS TRULY THE FACE OF NEW?????NEW ZEALAND, cams new god, to me hes old crap waiting for death with nothing to add, die don do it for NZ

    • Mr. Infinity

      I have a question, woger. When you’re retarded, I mean really really fucktarded, where you just sit in your room with your computer, smearing your own shit on the screen and drowning in vodka; do you realise it? Do you take a moment and go: “Wow, I am completely fucking retarded”, before you collect your benefit cheque and go vote for Phil Goof?

      Just a question. Also, wishing death upon someone may be a standard lefty tactic, but please, get a life.

      • excuseme

        Well said, Mr. Infinity. That comment “die Don” has no place in civilised political discussion. Roger himself is the one with the obvious problem. I hope he gets well soon.

        • tooright

          He’s been decompensating for days now. I think his chemist should just put his meds in a blister pack – no point in asking. Too far gone.

    • reid

      Yes roger you obviously haven’t read the Bible where it says honour the youth for their strength and the old for their silver hair.

      It’s in Proverbs, which is all about what is and how to gain, wisdom.

  • cadwallader

    Ideally the events of the past few days will lead to a Nat/Act government without the need to rely on the Maoris who can scuttle back to Labour. I am mindful that it is too early for the champagne to be hauled out. What we need to see is the new Act list and who will contest which electorates. The only electorate being looked at seems to be Epsom at present. It is interesting the MSM has ignored Goof’s thoughts, but heard stupidity from Dunne and Peters.

    Anyway, give the Don a go.

    Roger: Piss off!

  • jabba

    I just read in the Daily Express that some lefty MP can’t wait for Marg Thatcher to die .. really must be in their DNA

    • Mr. Infinity

      Yeah they were much happier when unions were strangling Britain so much that corpses were left decomposing in the funeral houses because the undertaker’s union wanted free toothpicks or something.

    • I had this comment left at Keeping Stock this morning; anonymously, of course:

      Anonymous said…

      Right wingers are foul people. Anyone with intelligence has to be left of centre by definition. This thing we live in… it’s called a society, not a corporation.

      April 28, 2011 11:07 AM

      It seems that the left has gone into overdrive since the news broke that Hide would be standing down. It doesn’t seem as though the quality of debate will improve, but it looks as though it’s going to be another hate-filled election campaign.

      • Mr. Infinity

        They’re scared, running on emotion as always.

        “It’s called a society…not a corporation”

        Pretty sure a society should reward excellence and achievement, not damn it. And as always, business is an inherent evil, and anyone in the top tax bracket is the devil (people who earn what local dunces like Mallard, Goof, that fat deputy chick, that fat moron who likes porn, Plughead and Silent-T, earn).

        Sigh. I tire of them, they really need to take a breath sometimes.

  • roger

    Wow the way forward Brash and his zimmer frame, NZ the way he wanted it, i suspect he will close down his retirement home and send the oldies out to work, cannot have these bludgers not working at 90. (replying to one post)
    2 Mr. Infinity April 28, 2011 at 6:16 pm
    I have a ques­tion, woger. When you’re retarded, I mean really really fuck­tarded, where you just sit in your room with your com­puter, smear­ing your own shit on the screen and drown­ing in vodka; do you realise it? Do you take a moment and go: “Wow, I am com­pletely fuck­ing retarded”, before you col­lect your ben­e­fit cheque and go vote for Phil Goof?

    Just a ques­tion. Also, wish­ing death upon some­one may be a stan­dard lefty tac­tic, but please, get a life .( um im a righty)Mr. Infinity i work i have a life , i voted natonal, i voted for hone key im drinking tiger beer at the moment plus montana sav blanc with the wife with food, brash is still OLDER than sin and is only one heart beat away from where you send,old past by their used by date a old back stabbing ex national party,pm who cheated on his loyal wife a old cheating lying deposed EX pm, in gods waiting room.Better get into power brash the clock, and time are catching up really fast,

    • jaghut

      It speaks volumes about your character that you define your status in life by what brand of alcohol you’re drinking.

    • gazzaw

      Are you on your fifth or sixth bottle of Savvie woger?

  • thor42

    It’s great that the leadership stoush is over – best of luck to Don Brash!
    It should be a great election! To say that Labour are as weak as weasel piss is to be disrespectful to weasel piss.
    The next opinion poll should be interesting……

  • cadwallader

    I agree Thor. If I were Goof I’d perceive my leadership is under threat, then again…, who’d want to come in from outside of Labour to lead those losers anywhere?
    IV2: What you report from leftie gutter-bound types is not at all surprising once you’ve trawled through the Standard a couple of times. The ad-hominem filth that pervades that place is revolting. Be sure to have a long hot shower after going there though.
    Is welfarism societal or corporate by nature? I suggest it is a financial system for those to blind and indolent to partake of the real thing.

  • lulu

    Roger, get a grip man.
    The stench of political decay is around Rodney. Too long, too little too late.
    As long as Don is alive he has principles, directness and his political compass is pointed right. He ranks highly when you measure political certainty unlike many of the rest on either side. Your only substantial political objection is his age. The other issues are issues around the frailties of human existence.
    Do you have a problem with his politics?

  • overthehill

    I agree. Time to trim the excess fat from the benny bludger lists.

    I’d start with the dole and the “I’m too sick to work for my money but I’m well enough to do everything else” bludgers, then move my way into the Public Service.

    End result would be a marked improvement in the balance sheet.

  • whafe

    John Key best sort his team with the ACT situation rolling out whilst John Key is in the UK… English will fuck things up and screw the beginning of a much needed relationship with ACT…

    I mean the dribble coming from that political whore Dunne is hysterical, what a fuck stick…

    Very interesting few months upcoming politically wise, amongst other things…. Be great to have a true right wing party actually active, will pull National back into line I hope, rather than being Labour in Drag…. Key is a bright cookie, he will know what he needs to do…

  • gazzaw

    God I am praying that National’s strategists play this right & if they do it’s all over Rover for Dunne & Peters. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next Maori Party caucus meeting – just where will that fractured mob head? There’s no future with labour
    and they have Hone raising mayhem to worry about. Interesting times ahead. Looking forward to the next poll.

  • So if National need Brash onside, how is Quisling Key saying he won’t get Deputy PM or (more importantly) Finance going to accomplish that?

    Now, when Brash holds the balance of power and Key has to back down and give him Finance, it will be Key looking like the lightweight he is.

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  • briandoylenz

    You may well be right on this one Cameron but it doesn’t make it any more palatable having to even consider being “on side” with a piece of work like Dr Brash ):

  • kerrys

    I think National Party members should all be monitoring the movements of their wives while Don Brash is around! When Don said “we are all people”, I think he was stamping his entitlement to other peoples wives (regardless of race, religion, etc……all potential affairs MUST be treated EQUALLY!!!). We might have to call him “Don Rash” from now on? Maybe ACT could form a Gov with Labour? Don is 70 as well? Don might be featured on the GILF Hunter sooner or later?

  • kerrys

    Here’s food for thought? What is Key was to team up with NORM (Heard they are making a comeback?)