Why rule anything in or out?

Sources inside the beehive are saying that Bill English is fighting a tough fight to get John Key to rule Don Brash out from Bills position as finance minister. Key is so far being too smart to commit, especially to save a guy like Bill who is well known to be useless at politics and has wasted billions running a spending policy that would make a Labour Finance Minister proud.

Prime Minister John Key said from Europe last night that he would “try and be constructive” and would not rule Dr Brash out of an executive role after the election.

But it was “highly unlikely” Dr Brash would be offered the jobs of deputy prime minister or finance minister.

The problem for John Key is that everyone knows Don is a deeply principled man. He will not sit by watching an intellectual lightweight with one years experience in treasury and a long career as house husband wreck New Zealand’s economy. So Key has to balance up the fragile ego that is the MP for Southland against having a proper finance minister who actually understands the economy.

Key also needs to work out what will happen in coalition negotiations if Don has ten MPs or fifteen MPs sitting behind him? Don is not a man you can put polling information in front of and say “this will cost us votes lets be all fuzzy and do nothing”. Don will run with his convictions, and it is not even worth wasting words on trying to convince him otherwise.


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  • realist

    This is brilliant…I was wondering what the posturing in other media was about, re the finance minister post. Poor old Bill. In my opinion he should have gone after the scandal of taking accommodation payments for having to live away from home, when he was indeed living in his family home in Wellington (albeit owned by a trust in his wife’s name).

    Go Don Brash. This is exactly what New Zealand politics needs.

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  • thor42

    For FUCK’s SAKE – someone take Bill English around the back of the barn and shoot him.
    Don would be OUTSTANDING as Finance Minister – far more so than the Dipton Dipstick.
    Geez…… doesn’t Bill English have a farm or something that he can hang out on?
    Feeding out hay is about the limit of his brainpower.

  • reid

    hav­ing a proper finance min­is­ter who actu­ally under­stands the economy.

    Possibly this should be one of the key election messages. Go around them, when you can’t go through them.

  • reid

    BTW, talking about Brash’s return, which dark dank nooks and cranny’s do ya think tentacles from NY are slithering into as we speak?

    Hulun’s the sort of creature who always has something in reserve, isn’t she.

    • realist

      heaven knows what they’ll come up with this time Reid. Wheel out Nicky Hager again. Don wouldn’t be stupid enough to email now. Maybe they’ll tap his phone or bug his cuff-links. Or is there another weird religious group like the exclusive brethren they can poleaxe while trying to discredit Don.

      • reid

        It’ll be something out of left field, so to speak, and incredibly dirty.

        • reid

          and impeccably timed.

          • gazzaw

            Maybe get ‘super pimp’ Hodgson on to dragging out some fictitious dirt as a little pre-retirement project. He might be able to squeeze it in after his taxpayer funded ‘trougher’ junket to Mexico.

      • lordmontrose

        Don’t mention the cuff-links. Now you’ve ruined everything.

  • realist

    …on that score by the way, I was talking with one of top cops in the country at the time of the email scandal. He told me there never be anyone charged…the whole thing was set up that way. They assigned a dottery old cop who wouldn’t investigate…but just fend off the politicians. I didn’t believe him at the time, it sounded too corrupt for NZ. I believe it now though, as that’s exactly what happened.

    • reid

      Yes the tentacles slither deeply don’t they realist.

  • johnansell

    Bill is making it very hard for himself to be included in Don’s cabinet.