Winners and Not Winners

Once again Phil Goff is all over the show with his responses to a crisis. This time it is his inconsistent approach over comments by Damien O’Connor’s “gaggle of  gays” comments.

Here are two clips that show his foolishness.

The first clip has Phil Goff saying that he thought Damien O’Connor should have been higher on the list and then finishes up with some “newspeak” where he says that the list has “winners and not winners”.

Then bFM from Monday morning Phil Goff essentially laughs off the comments from Damien O’Connor, no mention of them being inappropriate or him needing to apologise. (Full interview:[dot]mp3

Phil Goff on Damien O’Connor’s Gaggle of Gays comments by whaleoil

Where I come from “Not Winners” are called losers. In labour they obviously aren’t allowed to use such derogatory terms like loser. “Gaggle of Gays” is fine, that is just Damien, but you cartainly cannot, and must not use the word losers.


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  • whafe

    Goff doesn’t know shit from clay, or his ass from his elbow…. He is a fucking joke of a man…

    99.9% of the Labour party are a Gigantic Gaggle of Living brain donors….

  • gazzaw

    Goff doesn’t want labour to be called losers at the next election. He would prefer them to be called “Not Winners”.

  • reid

    Goff is English.

    Remarkable how similar is the journey.

    I’m having a lot more fun, this time round.

  • Mr. Infinity

    Not winners? It’s like when my kid came home one day and told me that their house at school came fourth out of four houses, not last, the teachers insisted it was not last.

  • titanuranus

    So, not winning is Goofs plan for Gaybour this election?
    Seems relatively easy to achieve that goal, perhaps he should set his sights a little lower.

  • whafe

    It is all PC’ness gone nut bar……

  • “Not winning” is the new gay …

  • Mr Blobby

    They say the truth will set you free.
    He spoke the Truth and now he will pay the price. Sorry set FREE.