A Rare Endorsement

The VRWC endorses Kelvin Davis for Te Tai tokerau


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  • peterwn

    It will stop Hone OK! It will stop him from resigning and forcing a byelection. His allegedly crappy office and his ‘wop wops’ seat in the House wouldbe sheer luxury compared with the WINZ office queue.

  • lcmortensen

    In 2008, Hone won the seat but Labour won the party vote – could be a good election to watch (I’m Dunedin North electorate – so I can’t vote in the by-election)

    Of course, Davis is a list MP, so if he wins, Labour can bring in a new MP off their list – the next one is Lesley Soper, who is contending Invercargill on 26 Nov.

  • Mr Blobby

    The slaves will vote as they are told, or deal with the family.
    Interesting the Maori party didn’t complain when the insults and threats were in their favour.