Are polls telling John Key that National voters want a coalition with the Maori Party?

Are polls telling John Key that National voters want a coalition with the Maori Party?

Prime Minister John Key believes voters have concerns about Act leader Don Brash holding the balance of power because he is an extremist, and they see the Maori Party as positive because it has worked constructively within the system.

The difficulty with polls is that they take a snapshot of the entire electorate.

Political parties do not try to win votes from the entire electorate. They have a target audience they have to win votes from, and they need to target this audience. The difficulty for Key is while 60% of voters have a positive view of the Maori Party, this is a very different question from asking National voters “Would you prefer a coalition with ACT or the Maori Party?”

This question is not one National will want asked of their supporters as it will create doubt in their minds that John Key will use MMP and his coalition partner to implement policies core National supporters do not want.


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  • Mr Blobby

    Be careful what you wish for it might come true.

  • peterwn

    This misses the issue in some ways.
    “to imple­ment poli­cies core National sup­port­ers do not want” – It is those people who are on the horns of a dilemma. If they are concerned that National cannot ‘deliver’ on this and stay away from the polling booths, they will get a Labour government by default – do they want this.

    The best option for these people is to open their wallets and give plenty of time to the campaign that National gets in with a thumping majority. his would also greatly help in getting rid of the MMP ‘curse’.

  • dion

    Since when did the current National government care about their supporters? They seem to spend most of their time trying to woo the fringes of Labour’s support base, which is bloody unfortunate.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Office English drafting for penguin and office Lusk drafting for Whale.

    Doesn’t have the C/T class.

    • Piss off with your lies trevor, shouldn’t you be getting the zimmer frame wheels greased?

    • I note Chippy got caught out with his double post one on Red Alert and then the pre-loaded one at The Standard. Really you guys need to get smarter…RSS is so revealing.

      I see Clinton Smith has anew id as well posting his peak oil bullshit at the Standard again under a different name. The Goffice posting direct to The Standard again.