Cartoon – Slinging Muck

A cartoon from John Black, exclusive to WOBH.

I’m hoping to make these a regular feature.

Flinging Poo, a cartoon by John Black



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  • becn

    I used to think so highly of Pete Hodgson. It looks as though parties now have a designated muckraker and he’s picked that role. Throwing muck that I seriously doubt he thinks matters.

    • gazzaw

      There’s a saying that power corrupts witness Hodgson taking a taxpayer funded junket to Mexico six months prior to retirement on the premise that it will benefit
      New Zealand. Just evidence of Hodgson’s hypocrisy in fronting this smear campaign.

      Still waiting on some meaningful outcome from Trev’s threat of a major expose on Monday afternoon. We’ve had a shot of the DPS boys having their lunchbreak & the BMW ‘fizzer’ aided & abetted without success by the majority of the media.

  • kowtow

    Teflon John.

  • flosue

    I suppose Maggie Barry will be useful when Key and company are put on garden leave this November!

  • roger

    SHIT will not stick to hone key,SHIT still has standards , but SHIT will stick to the old SHIT behind hone key. OLDIE billie english , who is keeping his GOLD PLATED TROUGHER ( IM IN THE RETIREMENT MONEY SCHEME) plus the cars planes PERKS EVERYTHING on the sweat of my brow after the SHIT ruined my saving scheme, with his muldon styled garbage changes to Kiwi Saver
    Cameron Slater you are known by the things you support ,:-( ps cam a thought? are you getting legal aid with your suppression cases,) as a TAX PAYER im interested just asking

  • roger

    Some shit might stick ,just due to the pile of crap comming hone keys way as follows,
    pigs waiting to trough out ,
    MPs’ pay rise decision deferredNZPA
    May 13, 2011, 4:43 pm


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    NZPA © Enlarge photo

    A decision on whether MPs will get a pay rise has been deferred until after the budget due to the pressures on the Government’s books.

    The Remuneration Authority, which sets the amount MPs are paid, had intended to increase salaries to make up for the removal of their international travel entitlements.

    Speaker Lockwood Smith scrapped the perk last year after negative publicity over overseas trips taken by MPs.

    Remuneration Authority chairman John Errington said today that the removal of the perk amounted to a de facto pay cut and the authority had intended to increase salaries to reflect that reduction.

    However, the authority had decided it would be inappropriate to increase base salaries at this time, given the ongoing economic restraints on Government spending, particularly after the February 22 earthquake in Christchurch.

    The authority would fully review MPs’ salaries after July 1 and any changes to reflect the removal of the international travel entitlement would be made then. A decision would be announced later in the year.

    “The authority has always smoothed the changes in remuneration made to reflect the use of the privileges, and feels the current deferral is a practical approach to the current circumstances,” Mr Errington said.

    The international travel perk had been worth about $3000 a year.

    MPs were last given a pay rise in December, when their salaries increased by 1.4 percent. The increase took a backbencher’s base salary to $134,800, with pay rates going up through the ranks to the prime minister’s $400,500.

    The pay rise deferral comes ahead of next week’s budget, in which changes to KiwiSaver will see a reduction in the tax credit, worth about $20 a week, to be made up by higher contributions from workers and employers.

    Finance Minister Bill English yesterday said the Government was not looking at changing the MPs’ superannuation scheme.

    Under the scheme, MPs are entitled to a subsidy of up to 20 percent of their salary, receiving $2.50 for each dollar they save.

  • jabba

    I think roger is smoking shit, and not a good one either.
    Bill English is not looking at changing the MP’s super scheme. I assume that Silent T is keen to??