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Citizen A this week with bloggers Phoebe Fletcher and that awful pinko Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: US shoots unarmed elderly man in front of his daughter! USA! USA! USA!

Issue two: Cameron Slater amongst others said Hone’s new party would never launch. Last weekend Mana was launched in Auckland. What are the ramifications of Cam being wrong?

Issue three tonight: Rodney stepping down in November, or maybe not. John Banks to run in Epsom. Or maybe not. How do you swallow candidates that Cameron described as ‘electoral rat poison’ like John Banks and Don Brash and not vomit it up politically?

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  • thor42

    Gawd, that Phoebe Fletcher is **annoying!** Waffling on about poverty being all “the Americans’ fault”.
    I would point at Bangladesh as a counter-example (and a very useful one). As we know, Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan, and it gained independence after the war in the early ’70s. The thing to note is that Bangladesh was founded ***as a secular country*** (although the vast majority of its people are Muslims).
    This secular foundation has allowed Bangladesh to make good progress, especially in the last decade or so.
    You don’t have Islam and the mullahs constantly **fucking things up**.

    From the Wikipedia article –
    “Improving at a very fast rate, infrastructure to support transportation, communications, power supply and water distribution are rapidly developing. Bangladesh is limited in its reserves of oil, but recently there was huge development in gas and coal mining. The service sector has expanded rapidly during last two decades, the country’s industrial base remains very positive.”
    “Bangladesh had one of the best performing stock markets in the world during the recent global recession, due to relatively low correlations with developed country stock markets.”

  • Mr Blobby

    Bomber is not that pink he actually shows a lot of clarity,
    Whale and bomber just about making love to each other and a waste of space moving her mouth with nothing of any consequence coming out of it.
    What it lacked was a credible opposition.

  • axeman

    OMG did you see that dead slug nearly slide off the top of Bumber’s forehead. More captivating viewing than listening to the Village Idiot of the Leftards wank on.
    That combover is definitely worse than the Trumpmeister’s.