Did anyone else notice?

In reading the story of the stupidest woman in the world I noticed something. Did anyone else?

She can’t wait for the photos of her family to arrive, but knows it will be a bittersweet moment.

The former Maori Language Commission boss hopes to get an iPod on which to learn Te Reo.

How come the Maori Language Commission boss hopes to get an iPod on which to learn Te Reo.

Who appointed her? I’m guessing it was Helen’s lot. Surely the head of the Commission should be able to speak maori?


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  • jamesp

    Her stupidity continues then. The people she is going to be living with for the next few years are speaking Spanish…

    • gazzaw

      You are absolutely correct James. I would have thought that learning Spanish as quickly as possible would be somewhat of a priority when faced with the judicial processes in Argentina. Why is it though that I have the feeling that this woman is going to receive more than her fair share of largesse from the NZ taxpayer?
      The Herald can obviously smell a NZ version of the Corby saga in the making.

  • realist

    These unqualified labour sycophants all still everywhere – on boards of directors for SOEs, chairpersons even, in senior management posts in government and government funded organisations.

    There should be a big clean out of them.

    Auckland City Council / ARC did this kind of crap as well – have a look at the board of Ports of Auckland.

  • titanuranus

    Sharon Armstrong is certainly over qualified ,but she should seriously consider running for Goffs job.
    Fantastic unbiased investigative churnalism from the Herald I wonder if they thought about speaking to the Argentinian police,you know, to get their side of the story?

    • realist

      about as over qualified as someone who is

      –chairperson in an SOE (because your sister is helen clark’s secretary)
      –a director on ITO board (because you’ve been a unionist supporting labour)
      –a director on the board of a port (because you’re a mate of Mike Lee’s)

      If you can’t speak Maori, how on earth titanuranus can you be no.2 of an organisation for helping people speak it

  • briandoylenz

    I kinda of feel sorry for this woman but really how stupid can you be? And as far as her old job goes, SERIOUSLY? I guess she ticked the boxes of woman and slightly brown skin colour! I would’ve thought Te Reo was a prime requirement for a boss of the MAORI LANGUAGE COMMISSION. More cronyism perhaps!

  • thor42

    Oh….. my…… fecking…… Gawd…….
    This former boss of the Maori Language Commission (waste of bloody money) couldn’t speak the fricken language!
    Maybe we can invent a new adjective – an “Armstrong” job. A job for which one is completely unqualified and incompetent.
    “You know Fred down the road? He got an Armstrong job – he’s really struggling, ay……”
    I hope the Argentine authorities throw the book at this stupid ignorant bitch.

    • realist

      corker Thor. It’s as good ass Claytons.

    • realist

      …corker Thor. It’s as good as Claytons.

  • royaloaks

    Why the hell have National allowed these stupid Clark cronies to hold these positions? I see most of them got a 14% pay rise the other day. We are stuffed!!!!

  • gazzaw

    I’ll bet that strings are being pulled by the sisterhood’s New York branch to get Armstrong off the hook. If that doesn’t work and Armstrong gets to spend some time in the slammer its got Amnesty International written all over it. The Herald and the glossies will just love it – good old hearts & violins stuff sells plenty to the gullible.

  • cadwallader

    For no other reason than it is Argentina, my favourite limerick:

    “A filthy young gaucho named Bruno,
    Said if there’s one thing I do know,
    A woman is fine,
    A young boy divine,
    But a lama is numero uno!”

  • kevin

    and now her aunty is unhappy that the gummint (us) won’t pay for a flight to Argentina to support the stupid one. Go by all means. A quick whip-around of ‘the family’ would be the way to get aunty there.

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  • Jenny

    I learnt te reo with Sharon Armstrong many years ago. Good on her for keeping up the language in a foreign country where no one speaks it. Why is doing this another cause for ignorant and mean comments? I hope your own reo is perfect. Your facts aren’t. She wasn’t the head of Te Taura Whiri. Kia kaha, Sharon.

    • Mully

      1, Holy epic post dredge
      2, Read the Herald link – she was identified as “Former Maori Language Comission boss”
      3, Cam’s grasp of Te Reo (a pointless language if ever there was one) is not under debate. His issue was this woman was paid (no doubt with taxpayer funds) to head the Maori Language commission and doesn’t speak the damn language.
      4, She has plenty of time to brush up on her Te Reo during her five year sentence anyway. Hopefully they deny her early parole for being an idiot.