Do Maori have a special place in NZ?

Don Brash says no. Hone Harawira said that was a problem. Bomber shrieked about it to me on Citizen A.

Close Up then highlighted the issue the next night, with 81% of the 40,000 responding to the poll saying Maori do not hold a special place in New Zealand.

As Farrar points out in his new paid job;

That’s an extra 1% (every 25,000 extra votes is 1%) for ACT just from that show.

Word from the tipline is that ACT has increased its membership 40% in just two days. It seems unusually David Farrar is right and Don Brash has become the circuit breaker that is enabling ACT to get its message across.

81% say Maori aren't special


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  • hapuka

    so 81% of close-up viewers are racist…..

    • tristanb

      I read it as 19% of Close-up viewers being racist!

  • chimei

    Bugger me, 40,000 people watch close up.

  • johnansell

    This is a massive rejection of John Key’s policy of appeasing the racists in exchange for votes. I predict that Brash will be PM in November.

    An 81% vote for Don’s position from a sample the size of Wanganui, coupled with the 89% who rejected Key’s position on smacking, is helping to build a huge constituency for the revitalised ACT. In seven months, Brash can attract at least as many votes as he won with ACT policies in 2005 – almost 40%.

    TVNZ and the phone company earned $30,000 from that poll. If they want another windfall, may I suggest they invite Don Brash and Bill English (or even better, John Key) to debate New Zealand’s economic management on budget night.

    • hapuka

      johnansell the media consultant as depicted in the hollow men? good on you for not using a pseudonym

      • johnansell

        Thank you hapuka. Are you implying that there’s something about me in that book that I should feel ashamed of? Because there isn’t, and I don’t.

        I do, however, think the question in last night’s poll was unfortunate for Maori. I believe they do have a special place in New Zealand culture, but do not have a special claim on taxpayers’ money, beyond fair compensation for provable wrongs – much of which was paid in full and final settlements long ago.

        I believe any outstanding compensation should be paid to individual Maori, not iwi, and should be paid in proportion to the degree to which they are actually Maori.

  • johnqpublic

    And nobody bothered to ask what exactly was meant by “special place”? It was deliberately obfuscatory. Are they in the “special place” already or do/do not deserve to be? To what extent and in what way is it “special”?

    Easy way to coin $30K if you ask me. Someone tell Richard Griffin to take a leaf from that book.

  • dyannt

    johnq – my question too.
    This certainly was a poll question designed to get a certain answer.
    I’m an Act voter, and I certainly think Maori should have a special place in this country.
    A special place in our hearts and minds – not in our wallets.

    And another point; who is a Maori?
    My Caucasian brother married a Maori woman.
    Are their children Maori or Caucasian? Or is it a case of which choice gives them the best deal?

  • stevewrathall

    Isn’t it terribly demeaning to be considered “special” anyway?

  • cadwallader

    To be frank I am not comfortable with the question. The answer is, yes, they are in a special place if this is to be measured by the sums received in benefits/treaty settlements etc.. However, Brash is gaining credibility. The next Finance Minister?

  • james

    Is that special as in “specials needs”…? Gee…….how does that make ya Mana feel bros?

  • cactuskate1

    Hapuka – I would much prefer to be named in Hollow Men than the soon to be released Whaleoil book “Swallow Men”

  • kehua

    Ofcourse Maori have a `special place in New Zealand` and for anyone to deny that is ridiculous and rather sad.

    Tell me ,` when a child asks for any and everything, and gets it` who is the fool ? the child or the parent?

    For every foolish dollar provided to Maori or Maori causes there has been discussion, debate and decisions. And some Authority has signed the cheque, and I bet that in 90% of these instances it was signed by a non-Maori representing a predominently non-Maori Governing Body.

  • pita

    The question was badly phrased, quite clearly Maori DO have a special place in New Zealand the question is SHOULD they have a special place in New Zealand and, aside from being recognized as the country’s first migrants, the answer is NO.

  • Mr Blobby

    Is Special place the new word for vertically challenged, that’s good for the Moana in a democracy 81% should count for something?

    Pita you are a sad generational apologist.

    If it was not for the parasitic relationship with the rest of New Zealand the race based maori party and now the moana party would be advocating for the final solution.

    I am embarrassed to call myself maori. The statistics say it all, that’s the special place you have created for yourself. If my Grandfather heard you speaking your made up te reo he would not know what you were talking about.

    One man one vote and equal rights for all.

    • pita

      Mr Blobby at what point did you stop reading what I said? After DO perhaps?

  • Mr Blobby

    Apologies – Brain freeze, senior moment, stupid white motherfucker,take your choice