Doing my bit for the Environment

I was down at Turangi this morning and the dogs flushed this cat up a tree.

Federal Pheasant #5 and my Beretta AL391 Urika from Hamills sorted it out. It didn’t have a collar.

For the sooks and bleeding hearts out there Feral cats are evil. Ask Nick Smith or your local smelly greenie.


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  • whafe

    Good work, a stray pussy is a dead pussy….

    Stray cats are a shocking pest, the more culled out the better….

    Nice looking lab Cam. Is it of english stock or american stock?

  • hsv325

    There is a few cats round my neighbourhood you could give the good news too…….

  • roger

    Cam there are some pictures you dont post FUCK ARE YOU SHURE IT WAS FERAL not someones pet,ps did you shot any maori kids up there they act feral,as i said depressants and guns are scary

    • thor42

      Roger, you’ve been off the meds again. I can tell because you’ve forgotten to use any full-stops (although you’ve used two commas – at least that’s a start.)
      The other thing is – are you “shure” that the word “sure” is spelled s-h-u-r-e? Have you ever been to school?

      • titanuranus

        thor,considering the amount of alcohol ol` rog has obviously consumed, he has nailed the spelling and grammar,imho.

    • Roger I am sick of your abuse.

      For your information i have just had the best 4 days of the past 6 years. Being in the outdoors, in the elements, actually enjoying myself.

      You can get fucked with your jaded and out-dated comments regarding depression and regarding firearms.

      For your information a good friend of mine killed himself last week and guess what? No one thought he was depressed and he didn’t use a gun, he took a kitchen knife from the draw and used that.

      Your abuse is unwarranted and unwanted. you will not be posting here again. Now fuck off.

  • roger

    All my wife said when she looked at your pics( pretty fat for a feral) Mount the head and brag,was it like (the ghost and the darkness )scary ??

    • reid

      roger, clearly you don’t connect with the animal in man, the hunter killer instinct. It’s a shame really cos it’s quite fun as the photos indicate.

      Only pussies have a problem with a pussy, is a very common saying, down from where I come from.

      Happens all the time. Get over it.


      Only pussies have a problem with a pussy.

    • Roger was obviously not brought up in such a way as to consider ‘pretty fat for a feral’ to be a label that one does NOT apply to one’s wife.

    • tristanb

      Any cat in the bush should be shot, whether it feral or domesticated.

  • monty

    Good work Cam – Cats are one of the most destructive pests – one cannot kill enough of them.

  • grizz

    New Zealand should be no place for cats. I long for the day when I shall go deaf with the deafening sounds of the native birds in the bush.

  • But did you get a Mallard?

    • I think it got itself.

      • grizz

        Did you catch one mating? Who was on top?

  • titanuranus

    Hope you kept the skin they make good hats,

  • Good on ya Cam – nice to see you getting out, having fun, and doing your bit for the environment.

    Just as well it was the shotgun and not the 308 – or there wouldn’t have been anything left to gift to the Howick takeaway outlets!

    Have taken a few like trophies with a 22LR – bit like a hare there – they take a few shots to put down.

    Keep it up! And keep us posted. Nice to get the input from your hunting – I don’t do that anymore.

  • Feral cats are a major problem – they wipe out heaps of native birds. It’s why it would be so fat. You can shoot a cat in a rural area without any problems.

    Even if it was a domestic cat that strayed, it would still have the hunting instinct and would kill natives.

  • reid

    Feral cats are a major prob­lem – they wipe out heaps of native birds.

    Don’t you just want to go up and hug em tho?

    To just hold their whirling feral scything claws and jaws just that vital inch from your throat as you tickled their tummy and whispered sweet nothings?

    To behold the wonder of nature?


    It’s special.