Don Brash's letter

I was hunting all day and so when I got back tonight I had this in my inbox. Before all the crazy conspiracy theorists and deluded opposition MPs get all upset I was emailed this letter from no less than 6 sources. I also note that David Farrar was the first to post it, perhaps he too is the pay of the ACT party. ;)

It is a letter from Don Brash to John Key outlining why he resigned from National and has sought to return to parliament as the leader of the ACT Party.

Don Brash’s Dear John Letter to the PM


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  • scanner

    When you read through the letter it doesn’t take long to work out the Nats are no better than Lairboar, both parties seem intent on fucking over the poor clown on PAYE that put them there.
    The handing over of the country to the dark people just seems to help the surge to Aussie, sadly the ones with brains and skills are the first to go.
    It still continues this week with the cutting of Kiwisaver but no cut to MPs super, another great example of the fact that the management shithouse is directly connected to the workers roof.
    I don’t like Don but a few letters like this could see a lot of people warming to him.

  • lance

    Please don;t start putting emoticons in your posts regularly. It can be tricky to pick up on sarcasm and tones over the internet – but seriously give your readers some credit.

    Where’s the commentary on this letter? I expect you just slapped it up here when you could but would be interested to get some WO style analysis.

  • thor42

    A very good letter. There’s no doubt at all that National is really just “Labour-lite”.
    I want a government with ***hairy-chested blokes*** policies, not a government with panty-waisted namby-pamby pastel-coloured policies. ACT will be getting my vote.

  • fordtruck

    I have little regard for Don Brash’s morality and therefore trustworthiness, but his letter does affirm every sentiment I have about this government’s performance (or lack of). I will therefore be gritting my teeth and giving ACT both my votes in the next election.

    • excuseme

      Can’t believe that a political leader’s “morality” could affect anyone’s views on his or her political vision, policies or political management.

      If you have to “grit (your) teeth” to cast an obvious and logical vote for Act, I suspect that you will continue to be a swinging voter through many future elections.

  • Riiiiight, and politics is about morals. Give me a break. The Don had trouble keeping it in his trousers (hasn’t done Silvio Berlusconi any harm, has it?) and you’re going to ‘grit your teeth’ and give him the confidence of your vote in November? FFS he’s the only man in the only party with anything even approaching a plan to keep New Zealand out of the Third World. His plan will involve pain for some (mainly those who choose the path of laziness and relying on the largesse of the state instead of their own labours) and may well cause the Keynesian moonbats’ (English, Cunliffe, et. al.) heads to simultaneously explode. It will surely involve winding back, quickly and painfully, much of the pork-barrel and race-based growth in the government sector. It will involve forcing New Zealanders to grow the fuck up and realise the government is not there to take care of them.

    When he is sworn in as Finance Minister (Prime Minister?) in November, I look forward to the death of the leaders of the Labour, Green and National socialist movements.

    • thor42

      The Gantt Guy – “It will involve forc­ing New Zealan­ders to grow the fuck up and realise the gov­ern­ment is not there to take care of them.”
      Very well said! I agree. The primary (dare I say it, the **only**) purpose of Government should be to manage the military and police, enforce laws, collect tax and maybe manage the health system. I say “maybe” on health because the private sector does a very good job there.
      There is a **shitload** of stuff that could be either massively cut back or axed. “Working for Families”, most (if not all) benefits, lots of do-nothing govt departments. Anyone with BALLS and brains could *easily* save about
      $2-3 billion a year in expenditure, if not more.

      • Axeing WFF and interest-free student loans, while the leftards would make a huge deal about it, is really just fiddling at the edges.

        You gotta start with the bureaucracy. De-fund or Shut down all those departments and qangoes whose job it is to lobby the government (Maori Affairs, Wimmins Affairs, PI Affairs, Children’s Commission, Families Commission, etc. etc. etc.) There’s certainly no shortage of targets.

        Move from there (or at the same time) reform welfare. WFF and interest-free student loans are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a massive amount of churn and wealth redistribution. Plenty of people able to work who choose not to. Shut off the money taps and they’ll soon get motivated.

        Basically, the government mangles every market it fiddles with. That includes banking, agriculture, education, health, even welfare. There’s no reason why these activities shouldn’t be opened up to the free market. And don’t even get me started on how fucking mad it is that the government owns power generation AND retail!

        • reid

          So TGG are you suggesting for example it would be a good idea to farm out beneficiary processing to something like Veda Advantage?

          If so, that’s a remarkably good idea.

          • That’s part of it. Having seen the inside of Veda’s operation (albeit several years ago) I am certain they could process a lot more efficiently than WINZ. I’d actually go further than that. I posted a rant the other day over at Crusader Rabbit about superannuation and the socialisation of retirement earnings. It’s comparatively easy to privatise retirement savings/earnings (even though successive governments culminating with that of the quisling Key have refused to address this basic affordability crisis) but I also think the provision of charity-style welfare (unemployment and sickness, for example) could be opened up to private providers.

          • reid

            That’s part of it. Hav­ing seen the inside of Veda’s oper­a­tion (albeit sev­eral years ago) I am cer­tain they could process a lot more effi­ciently than WINZ. I’d actu­ally go fur­ther than that. I posted a rant the other day over at Cru­sader Rab­bit about super­an­nu­a­tion and the social­i­sa­tion of retire­ment earn­ings. It’s com­par­a­tively easy to pri­va­tise retire­ment savings/earnings (even though suc­ces­sive gov­ern­ments cul­mi­nat­ing with that of the quis­ling Key have refused to address this basic afford­abil­ity cri­sis) but I also think the pro­vi­sion of charity-style wel­fare (unem­ploy­ment and sick­ness, for exam­ple) could be opened up to pri­vate providers.

            TGG we have run out of reply levels anyhoo this is my reply to your previous. I agree with your philosophy but caution with respect to sickness beneficiaries. As we know, these expanded greatly during Hulun’s time and the trick is, accurately identifying the malingerers. We have all heard anecdotes I’m sure that all you need to do is go to the doctor and look sad and sweet for the next eight weeks. I have, anyway.

            But what about the ones who are ill? Cut them off? And what happens?

            Suicide. That’s what.

            Given that’s the consequence of a single wrong decision, to what extent should we entrust the administration of this particular restricted field of sickness beneficiaries, to a profit-driven mechanism?

          • “I agree with your phi­los­o­phy but cau­tion with respect to sick­ness ben­e­fi­cia­ries. As we know, these expanded greatly dur­ing Hulun’s time and the trick is, accu­rately iden­ti­fy­ing the malin­ger­ers.”

            I guess the question of those too sick to work is a vexed one, and Whale’s own experience would caution against privatisation. However, when the taxpayer is forced to provide a living for those too ‘sick’ to work because they are addicated to canabis (but who can afford a $60,000 300C), or those to ‘sick’ to work but perfectly healthy enough to import and deal in methamphetamine (and drive a $100,000 Lexus), you would have to admit the system is unquestionably broken.

            To my mind there would be far fewer prepared to sign up for welfare of any kind if (a) they knew they would be thoroughly tried and tested before money was handed over, and (b) being in work (any work) was more rewarding than being on welfare.

  • paulus12


    Remember – criminal conviction NO Australia entry (even for a holiday to see whanau)

    What will we be left with ?

    • scanner

      A real shame because they’re the ones we actually wamt to go to Aussie. also I thought a c coviction was was a requirement to enter Aust.

  • kevin

    Yes, Paul, exactly and… 1 million Kiwis overseas at the mo, I would say the vast majority would be working. Bound to be only a few thou old folk/holiday types. Not a pretty picture for NZ.

  • whafe

    What ever ones personal opinion of Brash is, this letter is very good in that it points out some pretty cold hard facts. Well I think it does…

    ACT will be getting far more votes than many Pinko’s will believe…. Sad when I look at John Key and think of Helen Clark in a cardigan… John, man up dude….

    For me, it shows where we are at when the Aussie Labour Party policies are closest to ACT’s, and they are deemed left in Au… In that case, what does that make National????

    • “ACT will be get­ting far more votes than many Pinko’s will believe”

      I don’t agree with that at all whafe. I think the pinkos remember all too well that Brash actually won the 2005 election and they’re terrified of fighting him in 2011. That’s why English’s publicist (Farrar) is smearing him up and down every chance he gets. They want the ‘extremist’ meme to be firmly planted in the public’s minds before the campaign begins. They’re crapping their pants on this one, and with good reason because Brash is everything they’re not.

      • whafe

        TGG – take your point, I may not have made my self clear, I was meaning that the Pinko’s will be surprised at how many National voters will swing to ACT….

        I do think a good many voters realise that it is in fact going to take some bold moves and balls to prevent our country becoming 3rd world…

        We need a shock to people to shake them out of this leftest bullshit they have been indoctrinated with for over a decade and some…

  • pharmachick

    Nice post Whale…
    but on top of that … then there was this:

    Cactus Kate doing her [awesome] thing again, and quite funny too!

    • whafe

      Agree, indeed amusing & funny…

  • Mr Blobby

    Pity about NonKey he’s not half the man that Helen was.
    In what way is Brash extremist he sits left of the Australians? Who have a deeply ingrained aversion to running deficits on both sides of the political spectrum?
    Where he gets it wrong is with every household incurring $300 per week in additional debt. How can a household on a benefit, that is a net economic drain already, incur extra debt it’s like paying a benefit and then deducting Tax? What are you going to do put the benefit up so they can contribute to their share of the National debt?
    The reply letter does sum it up well.
    RIP NZ

  • andrewo

    John Key knows that as long as he stays a sliver to the Right of Labour he can sit in the middle of the NZ demographic and get re-elected ad infinitum. Trouble is that it’s still far too Left to get any good economic policy implemented.

    I suspect his original plan was to feed the NZ electorate policy in bite-sized chunks every three years so as to tow them along – to get buy-in and a mandate to implement.

    That was a nice idea until a mixture of the Canterbury Earthquake, South Canterbury Finance and the global recession/depression mugged us. He long longer has the luxury of time.

    I hope we see some serious govt belt tightening at the next budget or this place will quickly become another Greece.

    ACT will once again get one of my votes. They are needed in govt to keep National honest.

  • oswaldbastable

    Fuck all that!

    Who killed Bambi and what did you marinate the bastard in?

    • reid

      3 tablespoons lemon juice
      1/4 cup olive oil
      2 cloves garlic, minced
      1/2 teaspoon thyme
      1/2 teaspoon oregano
      1/2 teaspoon bay leaf
      salt and pepper to taste

  • sexybeast

    The new welfare policy is about to be released next week I believe : )

  • titan

    I agree “andrewo”.

    There is some logic to the Key Govts approach regarding the slow feeding of policies while taking the public/voters along 3 or 4 terms.

    Although the Don’s letter points out the cold hard facts that most right wingers agree with, if you implement it all at once you’ll likely find yourself OUTSIDE of Government and giving Labor a lifeline excuse to come back in.

    The reality is… there is a reason why Don Brash failed to get into Government when he was leader of the National Party. There is also a reason why the ACT Party are a fringe party continuously struggling secure seat and/or to get past 5% at every election.

    Push either the right or left wing envelope too hard – and you’ll risk sitting on the side line or remain a fringe party for a long time.

    The NZ Public obviously prefer a more middle of the road inclusive approach.