Dumb and Dumber

Everyone knows that Hone Harawira is dumber than a sack of hammers. But who would have thought Maori academic Dr. Ranginui Walker would be as dumb, if not dumber.

Hone Harawira has described Osama bin Laden as “a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”.

That was Dumb speaking, now for Dumber:

Professor Ranginui Walker also acknowledged bin Laden on Te Karere. Dr Walker likened him to the 19th century Maori prophet Te Kooti Rikirangi because of his fight for his country.

It has obviously escaped Dumb and Dumber that Osama bin Laden was a Saudi, living in Pakistan committing acts of terror all around the world but specifically in the US, Afghanistan and Iraq. None of those countries are Saudi Arabian so quite how he is “fighting” for “the rights, the land and the freedom of his people” or “country” is beyond me, but in la-la land where both of these idiots live it seems to be the case.

I wonder what other maori think about Dr. Walker comparing Te Kooti with a terrorist. Either way they are lauding a terrorist. I think we should put both on a watch list.


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  • peterwn

    Dr Walker must have been one of the ‘intelligent’ Maoris Hone was referring to last Saturday (ie the type who would support the Maori Party). There are many other intelligent Maori eg Hekia Parata who would not support it.

  • Mr Blobby

    You are forgetting that Maoridom is a net economic loss to New Zealand they take more out of the economy than they put in so cost is not an issue.

    The Slaves (beneficiaries) will support their tribal leaders in the bid to make Harawera (dumb) New Zealands highest paid beneficiary, cost is not an issue the white mother fuckers are paying for it. As for Walker another highly paid beneficiary with nothing to contribute, he may be angling for a pay rise.

    The only way to stop this absolute farce would be to bring the election date closer by 1-2 months.

  • thor42

    If these two are representative of Maori “leaders”, then Maoridom is *** f**ked. ***

  • roger

    Are you calling a person of the chosen race ,dumb, that could bring on utu from hones mother

  • roger

    Emailed hone, this is how a red neck mother loving maori replies says it all bro
    Hey – thanks for your comments. I enjoy seeing what people think about stuff I write and the things I do, and if I have time to get back to you I will. Mind you, if all you got to say ain’t worth responding to, have a bad day!!

    one dumb fucker maori