Give Trevor a good kicking

I see Farrar has posted links to a new fun election game.

He obviously didn’t see that you can embed the fun in your own site.

For readers enjoyment here it is. Give Trevor a good kicking.


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  • bunswalla

    130,172m – beat that!

  • bigkev

    Done, – 130,724

  • hagues

    170,981 not too shabby :)

  • titanuranus

    153,147 3rd try

  • toby

    I love it when sparks come out of his arse.

  • jman

    I managed a 153 597

    • Ciaron

      Ditto… the closer his arse come to the ground, the further he goes.

  • jman

    After about 50 attempts I got a 171 116 :) Now beat that!

    • thor42

      Amazing! I got exactly the same score – 171,116!
      I’ll have to try to get 180k…. :)

  • 146668

    I love it when Trevor bounces!

  • royaloaks

    I dont know what happened but when I gave Trev a kick he ended up in a brown sticky smelly heap and I looked down at my boot and it was covered in crap. A big 0m for me!

  • thor42

    Can someone “mod” this game to make it so that we are kicking Helen Clark?
    A “Michael Cullen” mod would be good too…… :)

  • whafe

    181,000 first try…. Got to be a fluke…..

    Just watched Backbenches, a worry that Big Trev wants to go down the Social Media path far more, some days 20+ Tweets Trev. Going a bit far is it not? Give me strength….

    We need policy, not chat about Slippers…

  • overthehill

    I got 162,135 after a few tries.

    Made a version with Paula ‘never missed a meal’ Bennet, but when I tried to kick her my leg snapped.

  • michaels

    I’m with you Inv2, I don’t care how far he goes I just like watching him bounce.

  • harpoon666

    You guys must be pretty special getting such high scores like that. If you’re not too much of a digital cripple oil lard, perhaps you might like to accept Trevor Mallards challenge to a competition in the real world:

    • Yeah, the labour party campaign manager thinks that a pissing contest with a blogger is how to lift Labour’s flagging poll ratings.

    • People don’t read Gotcha because WO can ride a bike fast.
      It is only duck hunting season because a certain Mallard decided it was a good idea to spend a week or so trying to smear a certain someone.
      Bad idea. Never spin a lie. it reminds me of this video He is a slow learner a lot like Trevor.