Goff has to go

Matt McCarten eviscerates Phil Goff in the Herald on Sunday:

I can’t see how Labour can keep whistling in the dark over its dismal public support.

I don’t know how its leader, Phil Goff, can keep pretending he has a chance of winning in November.

Two polls this week showed the gap between National and Labour remaining at a yawning 20 per cent. When was the last time a government polled consistently so far ahead of its opposition?

Every poll these days seems to tell the same story: John Key and his party can rule alone. People like Key and trust him.

We have a prime minister whom two out of every three New Zealanders prefer.

That means even voters of other parties support him over their own leaders. Extraordinary but true.

That is why it is completely baffling that Labour’s crippled campaign seems to focus on denigrating the most popular Prime Minister since records began. From the outside it looks like there are actually different factions campaigning. On the one hand the old cripples like Hodgson and Trevor Mallard who seem intent on flinging poo with gay abandon, ably assisted by their Mini-me helpers like Chris Hipkins, and on the other hand smart competent operators like Clare Curran.

Labour has latched on to an anti-privatisation agenda as an election winner, given the fact that more than 62 per cent of New Zealanders oppose those asset sales.

We would normally expect a lift to Labour after this Budget.The party should also have hoped for additional positive profile from its national congress last weekend. But neither opportunity has made an iota of difference.

Mind you, the congress was insipid, at best. Labour barred media from most of the event and spun to a resentful press three policies that didn’t create much excitement.

Replacing the Families Commission with a Ministry for Children isn’t fooling anybody, given Labour was happy to govern for most of its nine years with the present arrangement.

Even Labour’s major policy of massive investment in research and development would have gone over the heads of most people except, of course, the farmers who are being tapped to pay for it.

I imagine the cockies will be adding an extra zero to their cheques made out to the National Party’s re-election campaign fund.

Labour’s policy announcements are dis-jointed and completely un-related except for their inability to pay for anything.

For some reason, though, Goff isn’t connecting. I’ve come to the conclusion that voters have taken their phones off the hook and aren’t listening to anything Goff is saying.

I’ve said it before in this column, but Goff has no choice but to step down and let a fresh face have a go as leader.

He has had two years as leader and the gap between the two main parties has widened. No one, surely, believes that a Goff-led party has any show.

It is clear the whole Labour caucus is made up of a bunch of gutless wonders, resigned to coast along for the next six months and lose, rather than get a backbone and make the change.

Labour needs a new messenger if it has any chance.

Frankly, it’s a dereliction of duty for the current caucus to flag this election away. If it does then it doesn’t deserve any support from its core constituency.

And there is Matt making a pitch for the Mana party, or more likely the Greens to step up to the proper and fitting role of an opposition party. But Matt is right to say the phone is off the hook. I have been saying that for two years, voters don’t care what labour has to say right now, whereas Labour is still believing that the naughty voters just made an awful mistake and they will return if they can just show them that John Key is evil.

It would have a better chance in November if it put the names of its current MPs on a wall and then have some kid throw a dart at it.

Whoever gets their name lanced by the dart gets the job.

It’s a bit over the top but it’s a better strategy than the one Labour’s running now

I’m not sure that there is any great need for Labour to change right now. Julia Gillard waiting till closer to the election to roll Kevin Rudd and then go on to win. The one thing that national fears though is a someone other than Goff leading Labour because right now anyone is better than Goff, and the two political cripples, Mallard and Hodgson, being axed and replaced with someone competent like Clare Curran.

It is now obvious that Mallard and Curran have had a falling out of sorts over strategy. Mallard has now openly slagged off Curran on Kiwiblog and on Twitter.

Matt McCarten is right Goff needs to go and someone who can run the sandpit should take over.



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  • mediatart

    Oh dear , Matt must have got bad polling news about his current political ‘vehicle’ the Maania Party. So he goes out and ‘hides the decline’, hoping Labour will look less electable and Kelvin Davis wont give Hone a beating.

    Is there a bigger electoral ‘typhoid tony’ than McCarten ?
    Hide , English they are all Simon Cowell compared this perrenial political fixer.

    And nowhere does it say little mac is paid to promote the Maania Party , and try and beat Labour in an election just weeks away

  • cadwallader

    FFS Tart: Who would readily take Goof’s job? For once (only once!) I find Matt’s ponderings accurate, while yours smack of the meanderings which give birth to very silly conspiracy theories.

  • titanuranus

    The reality is that even the most ardent Labour supporter can see Goff is weak ,weaker than the pathetic Bill Rowling of the 70s.
    No idea,no vision and no answer to any issue facing the country other than the same tired old meaningless platitudes ,”the rich are getting rich etc”, repeated ad nauseum.
    Here`s an idea how about coming up with a strategy to help all NZers rather than just labours voter base of DPB parasites and liberal lefty elite chardonnay socialist fuckwits.

  • “smart com­pe­tent oper­a­tors like Clare Curran.” That’d be the same Clare Curran who came over here last week, dropped a load of drivel and then didn’t hang around to actually defend any of the insipid points she made? That Cowardly Clare? Yeah, thought so.

    Incidentally, all Labour and Goff are doing is reading and following the script Tony Abbott was given but ignored here in Oz. Sacrificial lamb leader, let him take a pounding in the election then we’ll put in the one we really want to take it to the government for the next 3 years. If there was a Tony Abbott figure in Labour (Whale’s new GF Clare perhaps?) they could give the do-nothing, smiling waving empty suit and his conga-line of suckholes a proper good fright come November.

    Incidentally (part II) if Abbott had done that his political career would be over by now. If he’d calmly wandered down to an electoral smashing and then handed over to Joe Hockey (the original plan) Australia by now would be lumbered with an Emissions Trading Scam, a Mining Super-Profits Tax and a Banking Super-Profits Tax. Thank God for Tony Abbott!

  • kisekiman

    Clare Curran doesn’t strike me as either smart or competent. She wants to “do something” about the cost of living but can’t even spell properly. Door knocking in South Dunedin does show she’s willing to get face to face with her constituents but I don’t see anything of substance just the same platitudinous claptrap you’d expect from a career politician facing electoral oblivion.

  • whafe

    mediatart, I think your thought process is nothing more than a pinko walking aimlessly around in the dark, however have to respect your constant attemps…. As they say: God Loves A Trier…

    Even Matt I am a plonka McCarten is speaking a whole lotta truth here…… But as we all know, there virtually is not a Labour MP that in their hearts believe Goff can win the election… Hey BIG Trev, hand on heart can you say Goff has the goods to win??? If you say yes, you are lying, same could be said to Shane Jones, Clare Curran etc etc etc…

    Goff must be lonely, am sure he is having instant coffee with his farm animals of late